5 Mobile Stats You Can't Ignore

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Hurst, vice president of sales and marketing here at LiveRez.com and I want to welcome you to this week's edition of Whiteboard Wednesday.

Certainly over the last couple of weeks you have heard a lot about mobile. You've seen it in articles, you've seen it on TV, you've read about it online. Probably got an email or two about it. In fact, even two weeks ago we did our whiteboard Wednesday on mobile. Why? Well, as you know, yesterday was D Day: "mobilegeddon", "mobilecopolypse". Well what is all of that? It was based upon the concept that Google is going to start ranking mobile websites differently based upon how mobile-friendly they are.

So, today, just one more time, I want to talk a little about mobile and five really important statistics that really drive how important mobile really is to anyone's business, especially yours. So, let's go through these five statistics and when we'll tie it down to one statistic that I think will really, really bring to understand the gravity of mobile in your vacational business.

One, 43% of travel traffic is actually happening on mobile devices, which is kind of interesting because you think that people are planning and thinking and looking through their vacation on a mobile device. That's a pretty important step, but when you add it to this step, you start thinking, "Whoa, this is fairly real".

20% of travel bookings are actually mobile, whether it's a hotel, or cruise, car rental, obviously vacation rentals, are all happening on mobile devices. 20%! So you have to think, there is an old myth, "Oh, people won't spend that much money on a mobile device. They'll go back to their desktop. I don't need a mobile website." Not true. 20% of those bookings are actually happening. That's one in five, right, one-fifth of bookings are happening. It's crazy to me. That's why I keep repeating it.

Let's move on. One-fourth of travel spending, one-fourth of all travel spending is actually happening on mobile devices again. It gets to the point that mobile really is taking off. I'll bet when we come back in 2015, or 2016, or 2017, later this year, or in three years, that you'll actually see this number is one-third or one-half...much, much greater. We'll continue to see, as we know on the internet, traffic on searches is 50% now on mobile devices. It's just going to continue to go up.

Four. 80% of local search is actually happening on those mobile devices. What is local search? We've talked about this before, but local search is people searching for something in a locale. So something like, vacation rentals in Destin or vacation homes in San Diego. Condo rentals on the Outer Banks. Those types of things are those local searches. Ultimately you want to have a mobile device so unless they're...or a mobile website so that those mobile devices are searching and they're finding you, they can go ahead and have the best opportunity to book online.

Once again, I would also make the point to make sure to have a Google+ page, so that when it comes to local search you are being found. So Google+ is very very important for those local search items. Make sure you have one.

But really, all these statistics you think about, okay travel, there's a lot of travel, there's a lot of search. What really does that really mean for my business? Well, we did an internal case study and let me tell you what we found. This is maybe the most important statistic that has to do with mobile that you can ever know. That is according to vacation rentals in my mind. That is 277%. I'm going to circle it once more just for good measure. Or three more times. What is it? 277% What? Ultimately, your likelihood to getting a booking goes up 277% if you have a mobile website. Okay, why? Well it also gets back to the fact, what's the whole purpose of having a mobile website? Whether you're selling widgets or cars or vacation rentals? The point is you want to give the guest who arrives on your website the best opportunity to actually spend their money and book online. And that's the purpose. So ultimately, let me re-energize this thought. I'm going to re-energize with this mark right here, is that 277% is the most important number I can think of, more likely to get a booking if you have a mobile website.

So ultimately, if you have a mobile website you are going to do better. It really ties back that travel is happening online. Searching is happening online. Travel spending is happening online. But at the end of the day, you are way more likely to get a booking if you have a mobile website. That's something to think about.

If you have any questions about that, Google webmaster tools has tremendous good data on what their expectations are for what a mobile website is and how it works. Certainly you can always call us. If you have any questions, feel free to call myself or any one of my colleagues on the liverez team.

That's this week's addition of Whiteboard Wednesday and we'll see you next week.

Thanks everybody!