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From 87 to 1

Why Airbnb Chose LiveRez over 87 Different Software Providers

When Airbnb started its vacation rentals division, it met with more than 80 different vacation rental software providers in the world, and chose to integrate with just one in the United States. Shaun Stewart, Airbnb's Global Head of Vacation Rentals, explains why they chose LiveRez in the video below.

Airbnb for Professional Managers

Our real-time, direct integration with Airbnb lets you seamlessly list your properties on Airbnb, sync your pricing and availability, and receive bookings directly into our industry-leading vacation rental software — all in real time. Unlike many of our competitors that require you to integrate via a third-party channel manager (that charges you extra for every booking), LiveRez connects directly to Airbnb and we don't charge you extra fees. Learn more below!
Real Time Integration

Reservations, calendars, property information, pricing, and communications all integrated. Your Airbnb bookings flow right into your LiveRez back office.

Direct Integration

No need to use a third-party service that charges you extra for every booking. We connect directly to Airbnb and don't charge you extra fees.

Built for VRMs

Airbnb has built new policies (like stricter cancellations) to meet the needs of professional managers, and now has a team of regional account reps just for property managers.

Millions of Guests

Airbnb allows you to reach millions of travelers in 190+ countries. More than 40 million guests have stayed in an Airbnb home, and that number grows every day.

Free to List

It's absolutely free to list your properties on Airbnb, with no integration fees whatsoever. You pay only a small fee per booking to help cover credit card processing costs.

Low Cost Per Booking

Pay only 3% to 5% per booking (depending on the cancellation policy you choose), with Airbnb absorbing all credit card processing costs.

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