How Did Victoria Smith of Alpenglow Vacation Rentals Get Her Free Time Back with

Victoria Smith AlpenGlow Vacation Rentals Canoe Bend let Victoria Smith of Alpenglow Vacation Rentals worry less about her day-to-day business and gave her more time to spend enjoying the amazing outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon.

Alpenglow Vacation Rentals
Location: Bend, Oregon
Quick Quote: “It ( gave me my life back.”

Time is an important commodity for Victoria Smith of Alpenglow Vacation Rentals in Bend, Oregon.

As a professional vacation property manager, a hair stylist and an outdoor enthusiast in beautiful Central Oregon, Smith doesn’t have a second to waste.

So, as her vacation rental business started to grow, she turned to

So far, Smith’s recipe for success is a combination of price, quality, location and customer service. She offers quality homes at competitive prices, and specializes in the west side of Bend, which, she says, is the most desirable location in the area, due to its great scenery and close proximately to both the mountain and the town.

In Bend, there’s no shortage of things to do. Among other things, the city offers  amazing food and drink, a wide variety of shopping opportunities, beautiful scenery and unmatched recreational activities, which include hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, skiing, rock climbing, fishing and hunting, and even the opportunity to explore nearby caves. And, all of Smith’s Bend homes are centrally located to these activities.

But another ingredient in Smith’s success story is her website.

“I’ve picked up more homes because of my website,” she said. “Definitely people on both sides – the guests and the owners – like the website.” ScreenShot

Alpenglow's LiveRez-powered website reflects the incredible outdoor adventures visitors will find around every corner in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

However, managing vacation homes hasn’t always been as easy for Smith, who also manages a few homes in Mexico.

At first, Smith was hesitant to get into vacation properties. She already had a very successful career as a hair stylist that required a good amount of her time. But, a few years ago, she had received a request to help market and list a vacation home. As it turned out, Smith was an instant success.

Soon after, she went out and got her property management license and began managing vacation properties in the Bend area. But, it turned out to be a lot of work.

Smith, who also has experience as a legal secretary, was writing her own forms, creating her own end-of-the-month reports, doing her accounting by hand and creating her own website through GoDaddy.

“And it was just this mounting thing,” said Smith, who at that point was working full-time as a hair stylist. “I think I had reached six houses, and I had coordinated really well that far. But, I was using so much of my free time.”

Finally, Smith decided that she needed to do something different, and she started looking for a solution that fit her needs. Smith stumbled upon, and after many conversations with the sales team – where she says she asked every question under the sun – she decided to become a partner.

AlpenGlow Vacation Rentals Bend

Alpenglow Vacation Rentals offers its guests amazing accommodations, like the ones seen here.

How did it work out?

“It gave me my life back,” Smith said.

But, she admits, she had her doubts at first.

“The trust issue was a big thing for me. I felt like I was handing it over to someone else – and I didn’t want to do that,” she said. “But it was the best thing I’ve decided to do – because I’ve made more money and picked up more houses because of the look of the site.”

One thing Smith loves about’s content management system is that it allows her to put video on her website – something that gives her a competitive advantage. And, Smith has used video to great effect as visitors see when they view her property listings.

“Not all the software companies I was looking at offered video integration,” Smith said. “And, LiveRez was competitively priced, if not better, than people like Escapia.”

But, in addition to the look and feel of her website,’s end-to-end SaaS platform has saved her time by taking care of nearly everything she used to do by hand.

And, that’s given her more time to enjoy the beautiful area where she lives and works.


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