How to Automate Your Management Processes with LiveRez Vacation Rental Software

Through a combination of increased online bookings, our new CRM’s state-of-the-art email automation technology, our Property Care Module and our real-time QuickBooks integration, LiveRez offers vacation rental managers a way to completely automate many of the processes needed to successfully manage vacation rentals.

Automation Vacation Rental Software

LiveRez can automate many of the processes needed to successfully manage vacation rentals.

And, in the following blog, we’ll show you how.

Step 1: Get More Online Bookings

According to a 2010 VRMA survey, more than half of managers are seeing less than 30 percent of their bookings come online.

If you’re in that group, LiveRez can help.

LiveRez-powered websites have been designed from the ground up to help you get more online bookings. We have helped many managers dramatically increase the amount of bookings they receive they online.

You see, online bookings don’t only help you generate more revenue and take bookings around the clock; they also help you save money.

As a property manager, you understand how much more cost-effective it is to get managers to book online. It means:

  • Less time on the phone for your reservationists
  • Less paperwork
  • No data entry

Online bookings are also more convenient for your guests and allow your business to stay open 24 hours a day. Especially during the afterhours when your staff is at home, LiveRez-powered websites act like an online reservationist.

Travelers are presented with multiple search options:

  • They can search by availability
  • They can search by options like location, amenities, etc.
  • They can search flexible dates and browse availability calendars right from the results

LiveRez makes the shopping process easy, too:

  • Travelers can select up to three properties to compare side-by-side
  • They can narrow results with the advanced search options that you configure through the back office
  • In fact, with a LiveRez-powered website travelers can get from your home page to your check-out page in just three clicks (search, shop and book).

LiveRez makes it easy to create dynamic and engaging property listings

  • Travelers are presented with big, bold image slide shows
  • You can easily embed videos and virtual tours
  • You can also upload floor plans
  • Google maps of your property can be automatically embedded
  • And we spread multiple calls to actions (“Book It Now” buttons) throughout your listings to urge travelers to take the next step

And with LiveRez, checkout is a snap:

  • A short, user-friendly check-out form leads to great conversion rates
  • You can present guests with the ability to purchase additional products and services (while they’re already in buying mode)
  • And, the whole process is secured by 256-bit encryption

All in all, LiveRez simply offers travelers the fastest and most convenient way to find and book a property online.

Step 2: Automate Your Communication with Guests and Owners

With our new CRM system, we can save you even more time. Our CRM can create and deliver every email you would send to a guest or owner during the reservation process without you having to lift a finger or remember to do anything.

These aren’t cookie-cutter templates, either. Our template editor gives you the ability to say exactly what you want and automatically customize the email to the recipient based on system data. Then we give you the ability to send the email out exactly when you want to based on advanced send rules, which are triggered off system events (like transaction, arrival, departure, balance due, etc.).

You can create as many templates as you want. Here are some examples:

  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Balance Due Reminder (schedule as many as you’d like)
  • Rental Agreement Reminder (schedule as many as you’d like)
  • Driving Directions and Lock Box Codes
  • Local Area Guides and Suggested Activities
  • What to Bring
  • Remind Guests of Additional Services Prior to Arrival
  • Check in on Guests 24 Hours after Arrival
  • Remind Guests of Clean-Up Rules
  • Ask for Feedback / Review after Departure
  • Send Special Marketing Offers after Departure

With LiveRez, your emails will truly be on cruise control.

Through a combination of online bookings and automated CRM correspondence, a manager wouldn’t even need to have any contact with a guest throughout the reservation process. All of it could be automated, from booking to post-departure.

Pending Booking Process Option

Let’s say you’re a manager that really wants to vet every guest before they stay with you. There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy many of the benefits of online bookings. That’s why we have a pending booking process.

Through this process, guests can book online and our PCI compliant gateway turns their credit card into a token.  The guest will get an email letting them know that the reservation is under review. You see the reservation come in through the system with all their information. You call up the guest to vet them. Then, you either confirm their reservation and charge their card, or just cancel the reservation. It’s really that easy.

Step 3: Cleaning and Maintenance

Want to make sure the property is cleaned and maintained, and that the property has been properly inspected? With LiveRez’s Property Care Module, you can auto-set cleaning and maintenance forms.

For example, you can set up the system to create a cleaning work order upon reservation. This work order can be automatically assigned to a vendor, and the vendor will get an email to notify them of the work order. You can also give them access to just the Property Care Module, so they can easily log in and bring up their work orders. Or, you could just print out these work orders and fax them to the vendor.

LiveRez can even auto generate a special work order for your employees to fill out throughout the reservation process, so they can make sure the reservation process goes off without a hitch and the property is just perfect for the next guest. This form tracks many areas and can help instill accountability in your staff:

  • It records who the house was inspected by and when
  • Whether or not a member of your staff checked in on the guest 24 hours after arrival
  • Whether or not there are any maintenance issues that need to be attended to
  • Whether or not the guest received any concierge service (and which staff member attended to it)
  • Whether or not the guest borrowed any items and whether or not they returned them

If any maintenance is completed, it can be logged into the work orders, and any expenses can be attributed to the guest, the owner or the property management company. Owner expenses can automatically be carried over to owner statements. And, as we’ll explain in the next section, all the system information you’ll need for accounting, can be automatically sent to QuickBooks in real time.

The best part about the Property Care Module, and the LiveRez system in general, is that it is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. And, because it works on most mobile devices, your staff can input their work wherever they are. Some LiveRez partners have even outfitted their staff with iPads, so they can enter work from the property as soon as it is completed – talk about the next generation of property management.

The system also provides accountability at every level. Supervisors can easily search for work orders and track their completion. This makes it easy for a property manager or a maintenance/cleaning supervisor to easily delegate tasks and ensure that they are getting done correctly and on time.

Step 4: Accounting with QuickBooks

The final step in automating your vacation rental management processes is to easily migrate your information to QuickBooks. LiveRez’s QuickBooks Connector takes all the information you need from your LiveRez Reservation System and puts it exactly where you need it in QuickBooks, and in real time. This connection allows managers to use the world’s most popular accounting software for both their trust accounting and their operations accounting, without having to import and export files or do a lot of needless manual entry.

Other Great Features

LiveRez comes packed many other great features to help you simplify and automate many of the daily tasks needed to successfully run a vacation rental management company. Whether it’s creating custom reports on nearly any aspect of your business, adding properties and owners, manually taking and modifying  reservations, or managing your website content in real time with our content management system, LiveRez can help you streamline your business processes, save you time and generate more revenue for you.


As this post demonstrates, with LiveRez you can automate many of the processes you need to manage vacation rentals. One of the biggest advantages of LiveRez is that it gives you everything you need to run your business, completely integrated, in a single solution. Trying to tie together multiple solutions (from multiple providers) to run your business is inefficient on many levels. LiveRez frees you of these inefficiencies by giving one do-it-all solution that is completed integrated through a single technology partner.

If you’d like to learn more about LiveRez, visit us online at or call us today at (800) 343-2891.

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