Top 10 Reasons Why Vacation Home Owners Want to List with Managers Using LiveRez

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Vacation Home Owners love LiveRez, too. Find out why they like working with managers that use LiveRez.

Vacation Rental Managers aren’t the only ones that benefit from LiveRez’s vacation rental software. Owners that work with LiveRez partners see many advantages, as well. In fact, many LiveRez partners use their software as a selling point to prospective owners.

Here’s a short list of the reasons why vacation home owners like working with managers that use LiveRez.

Website Design – A professional looking design not only increases buyer confidence, but also helps gain the trust of owners looking to list with you.

SEO – LiveRez-powered websites are SEO-friendly, and many of our partners rank at or near the top of search engines for key terms. It’s no secret that owners want their property to be seen by as many travelers as possible.

More Bookings – The ability to get owners more bookings is a huge selling point. Owners will see how easy it is to make a booking on your LiveRez-powered website, and they’ll want their properties listed there, too.

Automated Communication – Owners want to know what is going on with their properties, so they’ll be impressed with the regular updates you’re sending them, thanks to the email automation capabilities of the LiveRez CRM.

Housekeeping and Maintenance – Owners will be impressed by your ability to clean and maintain their home efficiently, thanks to LiveRez’s cloud-based work order system.

Record Keeping –The LiveRez system makes it easy to store important information about properties and quickly access reservation history or maintenance history. With all this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to answer owner questions quickly and accurately.

Owner Statements – Owners will be impressed by the quality of both the monthly and year-to-date owner statements you can create with the LiveRez system. And, with the ability to scan, upload and attach documents to these statements, you’ll be able to truly offer owners a paperless experience.  Finally, owners will get their statements even faster because of your ability to bulk process your statements.

1099s – Thanks to LiveRez’s real-time integration with QuickBooks, you’ll be able to quickly and easily produce 1099s for your owners at the end of the year.

Owner Portals (Owner Logins) – Owners will love that you can offer them their own personalized portal online, where they can access owner statements and reports, view property calendars, and make their own reservations  online 24/7.

Customer Service – Because LiveRez partners have the ability to automate so much of their operations, they have more time to offer excellent customer service.

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