Five Ways Using LiveRez Can Save You Money

Saving Money

Did you know that switching to LiveRez can save you money?

When you’re looking at upgrading your vacation rental software, the main thing you should strive for is return on investment. As a business, your goal should be to have more money in your pocket at the end of the day. You can achieve this by increasing your revenue and reducing your costs.

While many managers will tell you how LiveRez-powered websites have helped them increase bookings, you might not realize just how much the LiveRez back office can cut your costs.

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the ways LiveRez can reduce your operating expenses and increase your profitability.

Reduce IT Expenses – LiveRez’s cloud-based system has the potential to you save tons of money in IT costs, especially if you’re switching over from a non cloud-based software. You’ll be able to lose all those expenses associated with spendy installs, managing your own networks and servers, and manually installing updates on all your computers.

Automate Emails – Our CRM system can automatically create and deliver nearly every email you would need to send a guest or an owner during the reservations process. You’ll save tons of time not having to manually write and send emails, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

Content Management – Tired of paying a website designer every time you want to make a change to your website? With LiveRez’s content management system (CMS), you can enjoy the benefits of a high-performance, professional website while retaining the ability change nearly any piece of content on your website in real time (no technical knowledge required).

Scalability – It’s easy to grow and expand with LiveRez. In fact, we see our partners doing it every day. With LiveRez’s cloud-based platform, opening up new offices is quick and convenient.  Adding a login for a new employee takes seconds (and you don’t have to purchase new software licenses; new users are free with LiveRez). There’s also no fee for adding new properties; they are unlimited with LiveRez.

QuickBooks Integration – You may have an accounting platform within your vacation rental software system, but do you use it? Many managers prefer to use QuickBooks because it handles both their trust accounting and their operations accounting, is easy to use, and most bookkeepers are already trained on it. Our real-time integration unlocks the possibility for managers to use QuickBooks without needless double entry. The information you need from LiveRez is automatically put right where you need it in QuickBooks.

If you’d like to learn more about how LiveRez can increase your booking while cutting your operating expenses, give us a call today at (800) 343-2891 Option 2 or email

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