How LiveRez Websites Make Browsing for Vacation Rentals Easier


LiveRez gives you the ability to divide your properties into categories and communities, so that when travelers browse properties on your website they'll know just the right path to choose.

As part of its commitment to offering guests the fastest and easiest way to book a vacation rental online, LiveRez has designed its websites to make both searching and browsing a seamless process for guests.

In today’s post, we’ll focus more closely on how LiveRez-powered websites can be optimized to give travelers a wide range of browsing options.

Categories and Communities

LiveRez partners have the ability to organize their properties into categories and communities, and advertise them on their website’s vacation rental page. Classifying your properties in popular groups can greatly improve a traveler’s browsing experience and help them find their ideal vacation home as fast as possible.

Common categories and communities include:

  • Geographic areas
  • Different resorts
  • Homes with pools
  • Homes on the water
  • Homes with an ocean view
  • Homes by bedrooms
  • Homes by occupancy limits
  • Homes by price category
  • Different types of homes (i.e. condos, cabins, single family)
  • Homes that come with special benefits (like resort memberships)

How LiveRez Partners Use Categories and Communities

For more examples, let’s take a look at how some current LiveRez partners use this functionality.


Villa4Less does a great job advertising the different communities within the Orlando area that they have properties in.  They include pictures with a brief description of each community and then offer a link to the all the properties they have within that community.

Cabin Rentals of Helen

Cabin Rentals of Helen showcases the benefits of properties in different locations, whether it’s on a golf course, by the river or in town.

Seabrook Cottage Rentals

Seabrook Cottage Rentals breaks down their properties into max occupancy levels to make it easier for travelers to find a property that fits the size of their group. They even have links to these categories right on their front page.

Red River Real Estate

Red River Real Estate offers all sorts of different options for guests.  In fact, they’ve divided their inventory into more than 20 different groups!

Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals  

C.J. Stam of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals has pioneered a very innovative use of this functionality. He set up a category for cabin rentals that are also for sale (a try before you buy approach) and even purchased a custom url (, which re-direct to the category on his LiveRez-powered website.

Unlimited Options

By giving you a wide variety of ways to sort your properties and advertise these groups on your website, LiveRez makes it extremely easy for your potential guests to find the perfect rental. And remember: The more convenient you make the booking experience for guests, the more bookings you will receive.

If you’d like to learn more about how LiveRez can help improve the booking experience for your guests, call us today at (800) 343-2891 or email

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