The Importance of Browser Compatibility for Cloud-Based Vacation Rental Software


When shopping for vacation rental software, always ask the provider what browsers their product is compatible with, especially if you are using a Mac.

Most all cloud-based software systems are accessed online through a Web browser. Because of this, browser compatibility should be extremely important for people looking to access their software.

In a way, the browser acts as a gateway to the software. If the browser installed on your computer isn’t compatible with your software, then you won’t be able to access it until you download a compatible browser.

The LiveRez software works on all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.  The only thing LiveRez recommends is using the latest version of your chosen browser, so you can get the most optimized speed and performance from your system. As a general rule, newer technology is better, especially when you’re working with software built on the latest technology.

However, some other web-based software systems only work on certain browsers, like Internet Explorer. And while Internet Explorer is readily available as the default browser on most PCs, it’s a little harder to come by if you’re using a Mac. In fact, Microsoft discontinued support for its Mac compatible version of Internet Explorer in late 2005. And, it no longer features the Mac compatible version on its download site.  This issue creates a significant barrier to using certain software systems on Mac products.

When you’re looking for vacation rental software, one question you should always ask is what browsers the software works on. Because a browser is how you will be accessing your software, this is a question you don’t want to skip.

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