Conducting Keyword Research

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Hurst, the director of sales and marketing here at, and I want to welcome you to this week's edition of Whiteboard Wednesday.

Now, this week, we actually want to talk about dressing for success. No, I'm just joking. This is just what I wore to work today. What I actually want to talk about is something else that I also love, and that is keyword research. Now, we hear that term a lot, and we think about SEO professionals, and we kind of see that on the internet.

What really is keyword research? I went and looked at lots of definitions, and some didn't make sense to me, some did. And I wanted to break it down into what I thought was a practical definition for what keyword research really is.

Now, what I think about keyword research is really finding what terms people are searching. And then how do you stack up for those terms? And so keyword research might really trying to be understanding what people are actually searching for, for the type of products that you're presenting and selling online, vacation homes.

And so, when we think about that we have these keywords that we really want to try and identify, there's some great tools that Google's provided to help us identify how to do this. And so this is a really valuable subset of ideas that can help you, the tools.

Number one, Webmaster Tools. Google provides a really nice thing. These are all free tools, by the way. And Google provides a really nice thing called Webmaster Tools, that you can log in, and you can look at the number of searches and what's driving traffic to your website, and how many results are coming because of that. And you'll find something similar in the Google Keyword Planner, where you can type in a term and see how many people are searching for that term and really where you're going to stack up.

Another really great tool is Related Search. If you do a search in Google right now, you'll see at the very bottom of that page other search results. So for instance, you might search "luxury cabin rentals in north Georgia." Well, at the very bottom of that page in the gray section, you'll find other terms that people commonly search for that are similar to that. So google gives you a little bit of a hint as to what people are kind of searching for.

And then very lastly, very simple also, just literally the quantity of pages. Put in a search term that you would really like to be found for, something that you want or strive to be successful for being on page one, and really, see how many people are out there and how many pages are out there that are showing for that specific keyword term. And then it will show you where you're stacking up. Are you on page one already? Are you on page two but quite there? Are you in the map results? This is a really great way to just try and understand where you can be and where you are right now.

Now, when I think about keyword research and then ultimately deciding what your goal and your strategy is with these new found facts from your keyword research is, there's two main factors that I like to think about. Number one, practical. What is practical for your business and ranking? If it's a very, very competitive keyword, like Orlando vacation homes, it may not be practical to be there immediately onto page one. It's certainly something that can be worked toward.

But then, also, think about long tailing it out, as we've talked about before, and adding a few qualifiers to Orlando vacation homes, like luxury Orlando vacation homes, or luxury vacation rentals near this golf resort that I want to stay at.

And then the other factor is, that I really love, is previous success. If you look in your website tools and you find that there's one keyword that keeps driving a lot of traffic, sometimes coincidentally, a lot of times coincidentally, then keep driving toward that traffic. Keep moving that traffic in your way and maybe mind your own SEO efforts into continuing to boost your rank on those specific terms.

So really, when we think about this, we know the tools, we know some factors. But why does this really matter? Why does keyword research really make a difference in your overall business? Well, fun fact is that 71%, 71% of clicks on Google, and in most other search engines will probably be similar, come on page one.

So if you can't land on page one for insanely competitive keywords, such as Orlando vacation homes, maybe if you try and expand through the long tail, which we've previously talked about in our previous videos, then you can really find a place where you can get in onto page one and increase your overall traffic and then again more qualified conversion.

That's this week's edition of Whiteboard Wednesday, I look forward to seeing you next week. Have a great week, everybody.