How Images Can Help You Get More Bookings

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Hurst, the Director of Sales and Marketing here at, and I want to welcome you to this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday.

Now, a common question is, "How do I get more online bookings?" Well, one of the ways that you can certainly help, is images, and how they're reflected on your property listings, on your website.

There's a common conversation of quantity versus quality, but it's actually, in my opinion, quantity and quality that matters. Now, there's a study that was done, that showed you're 83% more likely to get an inquiry if you have over 20 photos on your website property listing. Now, the fun fact is, only about 6% of all property listings actually have 20 photos. So, if you want to get ahead of the game, get that number, 20 photos, on each property listing. So that's the quantity.

Now, let's get to the quality. Now, quality is about increase; increase of size. Now, what's interesting, is that there was a company,, and what they did is that they looked at their products, they increased their product image sizes. And by doing that alone, they increased their sales 9%. So, the image size actually makes a huge difference also, so that people and guests can actually see the home and understand what they're reading.

Now another thing, and it's a little bit of the why, is that you have to remember that 7 out of 10 VRNs are offering online booking. And so, how you're listing your property, and making sure you're giving the best opportunity for the guest to book your home, certainly matters. And then the other fact that matters, an interesting case, is that three out of four guests actually shop online. And so, once again, they're looking at the images. They're looking at the product and trying to understand it.

Now, if you want to know more about this topic, we have a webinar. And I'd invite you to click this button right here, and we'll go ahead and show you a lot more about what you can do to increase the level of conversion based upon your stunning property listings.

Thanks a lot. I'm Tyler Hurst. Have a great week.