Switching Software Has Never Been Easier

LiveRez offers professional managers the fastest and most thorough implementation process in the industry. While it can take months (even over a year) to get up and running with some of our competitors, LiveRez can get many managers up and running in 30 days. Read on to see how we do it.

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How We Do It

Assigned Implementation Manager

Every new LiveRez partner is assigned a specific implementation manager that is responsible for guiding that partner through the implementation process.

Implementation Road Map

Switching to a new software can be a big task, but LiveRez breaks down the process into small steps, ensuring managers learn the system in the right order and that both the management company and LiveRez are completing their tasks on schedule.

Live and On-Demand Training Videos + Documentation

New partners have access to a huge bank of on-demand training videos and in-depth system documentation, as well as live training webinars every week.

Data Migration

We've transitioned managers to LiveRez from every one of our major competitors, and have developed processes for moving new partners' data in bulk.


At LiveRez, we can move as fast as new partners want to get implemented. In fact, we've had new partners up and running in just a few days. Depending on their company size, most managers can make the switch in less than a month.

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