The Importance of Guest Reviews

Video Transcription

Hi, I am Tyler Hurst, director of Sales and Marketing here at, and I want to welcome you to this weeks version of Whiteboard Wednesday.

Now, last week we spent time talking about how property images can actually enhance your property and listing. This week I want to continue to talk about property and listings, but I want to talk about how reviews can make a big difference for you. Now, let's start with the why. First of all, we see that up here, that 87% of travelers actually shop for their travel online. And so, they look at the internet as a resource to find information about where and how they travel. Which makes it incredibly important that we consider the 81% of travelers who say that reviews are actually important as part of the travel process.

Now, with all that in mind, we have to start thinking, if they view them as important, what happens with this number? Forty-nine percent won't book lodging without reviews. So, it shows you how fundamental and crucial reviews are to your property listing and ultimately converting that guest on your website into a booker on your website. Why? For me it really comes down, and my personal experience is it comes down to the known versus the unknown. You haven't been there before and you want to know. Is this place suitable, is it suitable for a family, is it suitable for my trip, is it suitable for a business trip? That's the whole purpose of reviews, is for people who have been to give you the data that they already have.

If you're interested in learning more, I'd invite you to click this big button right here. To, come and view our webinar about seven elements of studying property and listings. Once again, this is this week's addition of Whiteboard Wednesday, and we will see you next week. Thanks.