The Importance of Long Tail SEO

Video Transcription

Hi. I'm Tyler Hurst, the director of sales and marketing here at, and I want to welcome you to this week's edition of Whiteboard Wednesday.

Now, for the next several weeks, we're going to be doing segments about niche marketing. And one of the keys to niche is how Google is ranking your website and where you're at. And so what I want to talk about today is actually long tail SEO. Actually I'm not talking about your cat or your dog or their tail. What I'm actually talking about is keywords and how they help you to rank.

So what really is long tail SEO? Let's talk about a couple of examples. For example, I did a search, and I searched for Breckenridge vacation rentals. And what I found was there was 463,000 pages that came up for that search term versus the term Breckenridge ski in and ski out vacation rentals, which only yielded 114,000 pages.

Then I did another search, which is kind of interesting. A very, very popular keyword and a very competitive search term was Orlando vacation rentals. I actually found 2.3 million websites for that term. Kind of staggering to think there's 2.3 million websites about Orlando vacation rentals.

Well, then I did another search that's a little bit more long tail, which is Orlando pet friendly vacation homes. Ultimately I found only 446,000 hits.

So it brings me to the question. Is it better to be on page 72,000 for Orlando vacation homes, or is it better to be in the top five for Orlando pet friendly vacation homes? Well, why does that matter? Well, ultimately, when people do searches, 75% of the clicks that people will actually click on, on their search results when they do a search, will be in the top five and ten results. And so really the goal is, is to try and find a way to land your website in the top five or ten for what people are searching.

So what are really the metrics, and what is the why behind what a long tail keyword really is? So a long tail keyword is extending out what exactly people are searching for. And so ultimately you are going to get less searches because there will be less people searching for this term, but the competition is drastically less. What happens is you're getting more qualified hits, which is increasing your actual conversion and actual time on site. And then what happens is it allows you to rank a lot easier, ultimately resulting in a lot higher bookings because you're increasing you're traffic.

So as you start to consider ultimately building out your website and pages on your website for longer terms, like, for instance, instead of North Georgia cabin rentals, something like north Georgia luxury cabin rentals. And as you start looking at how you ultimately bring your website to rank a little bit higher for each one of those terms, you're ultimately going to be found more and actually have a lot higher conversion and get more bookings. So I would ask you and invite you to take a look at that.

If you want to know more about overall niche marketing, I would ask you to check out this website by clicking this button right here and come look at this webinar on tactics to be successful in your niche. Once again, I'm Tyler Hurst from LiveRez, and I appreciate you joining us for this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday.