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24/7 Access Online

With LiveRez, you can access your vacation rental software online, around the clock. Our software is hosted securely in the cloud and completely online, giving you the ability to log in from anywhere and start working.

Cloud-Based Software


Works on Macs & PCs, All Browsers

With LiveRez, it doesn't matter if you're a Mac or a PC. Our software works on both operating systems, and can be accessed through all of the major browsers (and even many of the up and coming ones).

Vacation Rental Software Compatibility


Work Together Smarter

LiveRez does not need to be installed on a computer and networked with the other computers in your office. Instead your team just logs on from a web browser and starts working. You can add unlimited users to the system and set permissions for what parts of the system you can access. When someone on your team makes an update, it's instantly viewable by the rest of your team, allowing you to work together in real time.

Sharing Access - Cloud-Based Vacation Rental Management Software


Wake Up to New Features

Because LiveRez is hosted in the cloud, our engineers can make updates to the system late at night behind the system. And, the best part is that you don't have to do anything. When you wake up in the morning and log on, you'll instantly have access to the latest version of the software with the newest features.

Software Updates through the Cloud

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