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Valerie Hawkins - Capterra

"They do it all"

Valerie Hawkins, Perdido Realty Vacations

Comments: Perdido Realty is family-owned and operated with 150 vacation rental units. We used Entech Rental Software for 25 years, so when we made the transition to LiveRez, it was anxiety-provoking, to say the least. This was also right after the Expedia acquisition of Homeaway, so LiveRez was acquiring partners quickly. Nonetheless, we were assigned a brilliant facilitator to handle the transition. It was an amazing, one-on-one process and the outcome has far exceeded our expectations.

LiveRez’s CEO is a true visionary. He surrounds himself with staff who share his high values. He’s a straight-shooter and is committed to LiveRez partners’ and the vacation rental industry’s success.

Best Thing: One-stop shopping. They do it all and it’s customized for the vacation rental industry only. You get a custom website that integrates with the software and it’s internet based. Their SEO division, should you choose to participate, is the best at a fraction of the cost for outside services.

Second Best Thing: The support team. Their responses are timely and their solutions work. If it requires IT input, they coordinate that and get it done.

Give their Sales Team a call. You’ll know right away that they’re not just selling software. They want to be partners in your success – really. In 30 years, I haven’t found that anywhere else.

Jim Kitts - Capterra 5 star review

"Traffic has more than tripled"

Jim Kitts, Carolina Beach Realty

Comments: LiveRez’s backend software has proven to be very user friendly. The website offers an inviting presentation to visitors, and we have received numerous compliments on the ease of use and structure of the site.

Our web traffic has more than tripled since implementing the product. The rate of growth in our business has doubled and our revenues have increased tremendously.

Customer support is second to none, VERY responsive and VERY willing to meet needs.

Steve Ryan - Capterra 5 star review

"Our sales have skyrocketed"

Steve Ryan, Iron Horse Property Management

Comments: LiveRez has been fantastic! We looked at several companies and none offered the platform that LiveRez has.

Our sales have skyrocketed due to the website and ease of online booking. Whenever there is any problem (which is rare), it is addressed quickly so that our company can get back to business!

Wouldn’t switch from LiveRez for anything!

Matt Tesdall - Capterra 5 star review

"Complete system from start to finish"

Matt Tesdall, Family Time Vacation Rentals

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Comments: We started our company in 2008. In early 2013 it was time to redevelop our website and take our online presence to the next level. I started shopping for a cloud based reservation system. One that would embrace technology and evolve with the changes in my marketplace.

After much research and a trip to their headquarters, I chose LiveRez. Their staff was friendly, helpful and patient with my questions. Although no software is perfect, they continually strive to improve and develop a better product.

I admire the passion and commitment LiveRez has for our industry, it’s the same passion we have for our owners and guests. It was great to partner with a like-minded company. Almost a year later, I can tell you choosing LiveRez was a great business move.

Make the switch…you will be happy you did.

Maurice Maio - Capterra 5 star review

"They became our partners in SUCCESS!"

Maurice Maio, San Diego Beach King

Comments: As a seasoned businessman and previous owner of a software company, switching my operations to LiveRez was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

We fell in love with the software and the people that stand behind it. They not only created a robust site, but they became our partners in SUCCESS!

The owner, Tracy Lotz, is truly a leader. He guides this company surrounding himself with people that make him look good. Each person that represents LiveRez is knowledgeable, kind, and truly interested in building our business.

Our company has grown mostly in part by using LiveRez. It just works. They are active in the industry and upgrade their software often.

We are thankful to be a LiveRez partner and highly recommend them to anyone in the vacation rental business.

Victoria Smith - Capterra 5 star review

"Life and Time Saver"

Victoria Smith, Alpenglow Vacation Rentals

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Comments: The website that was designed for my company is very attractive, has streamlined processing and is very user friendly. I went from page EIGHT to page ONE within one week from the time of launching on all of the main search engines.

The results were immediate, as I not only have retained all of my clients, but my homeowner/client base increase has doubled every year so far.

The guests that use the system are always giving compliments with varying degrees, ranging from attractiveness to ease of use to efficiency. The “backside” of the website is an intricate accounting system, and I am happy to say that when my clients call with questions regarding accounting, occupancy, billing, etc., I have answers for them within seconds. Customer satisfaction and visibility equals retention of clientele in my book!

Training of employees is effortless as the customer service (live, videos or documentation) is excellent.

The website has more than paid for itself! I highly recommend LiveRez!

Cindi Aschenbrenner - Capterra 5 star review

"This company offers exceptional customer service!"

Cindi Aschenbrenner, Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals

Comments: This company offers exceptional customer service. I have absolutely no complaints about the people on the phone, or the ones that answer the emails. They are quick, patient, kind, and funny!

I thoroughly enjoy my adventures with these people and this company. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them and feel that they are always striving to become better and are always making sure that I am along for that ride.

Valerie Hawkins - Capterra

"We've never been more profitable!"

Mark Winget, Utahs Best Vacation Rentals

Comments: LiveRez, from day one, transformed our business. Every step of the way every person on their team changed our lives. From transitioning to a new website, to a new CRM, to integration with quickbooks accounting, to completely automating our entire business from start to finish.

And when we went with PointCentral’s electronic locks that are remotely accessible, it allowed us to grow to new markets, not to mention the improved guest experience. No keys – yes please! Finally a 21st century solution.

You wouldn’t believe how lean our staff is as a result. We’ve never been more profitable, we’ve never seen more online bookings.

What once was skepticism has been completely turned into fandom. They’ve made us efficient. They’ve changed our lives through streamlined processes, using a team of great people and a community of partners for daily feedback to polish out every aspect of vacation rentals.

We are so grateful to LiveRez. Sometimes we have to bang our heads against a concrete wall to make sure we aren’t living a dream – that’s the impact LiveRez has had on our business.