Vacation Rental Reservation System

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vacation rental reservation system

Reservation System

Our well-established vacation rental booking system has over 13 years of experience and constant innovation. With LiveRez, you’ll have all your essential reservation operations on one intuitive, reliable platform.

Plus, thanks to years of refinement and innovation, you can be sure that this software perfectly fits your unique niche in the market.


Instant Quotes

Instant Quotes

Our instant quote will save your staff hours on the phone and improve your guests’ vacation rental booking experience. This feature allows your team to send a quote for a specific property or multiple homes to a guests’ email, as well as a link to book the home directly on your website.

Vacation Rental
Management App


Improve your guest’s experience and encourage guests to re-book with the help of LiveStay. This intuitive vacation rental app allows users to make, manage, and pay for reservations from their mobile device. Once you send a new guest an invite, they’ll be able to see important property details, purchase add-ons, or make payments easily.

Live Stay Screen

Vacation Rental
Review Management


Getting and displaying positive reviews is essential in the vacation rental industry. That’s why we designed LiveScore. You can manage your reviews with LiveRez, collect important customer experience data, and set custom rules to automatically populate reviews on your website.

Analytics and Reporting

See your data, your way. Get a comprehensive overview at your inventory’s performance or see an individual rental’s reservation history. You can create custom reports that suit your business’s specific needs, including owner reports that can be generated and sent in just a few clicks.

Rate Management

Vacation Rental
Rate Management

Experienced property managers know that maximizing ROI means carefully monitoring a home’s rate. LiveRez makes it easy for you to adjust rates based on current demand, seasonality, or availability.


Automations are the key to saving time without sacrificing service. Create intelligent rules to automate everyday processes in your rental property management software. For example, once a booking has been received, automatic work orders are sent to housekeeping and maintenance staff. Save time and refine processes with the help of LiveRez.


Owner Portal

The LiveRez Owner Portal allows property owners to view statements and reports, create reservations, and see their home’s calendar. It allows owners more visibility without needing to contact your staff.


Reservation Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Why do property managers need a vacation rental reservation manager?

Property managers need a vacation rental reservation manager to streamline the booking process for customers and make it easier to manage reservations for all your properties in one place. 

Can a vacation rental reservation system handle multiple properties?

Yes, our vacation rental reservation system is designed to handle all your properties, allowing property managers to easily manage reservations for all their properties in one place.

How much does a vacation rental reservation system cost?

Our prices may vary based on your needs, but you can request a quote from us here. 

Is a vacation rental reservation system easy to use?

Property managers can utilize automations to save time with bookings. Work orders can be automatically sent once a booking is received.