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LiveRez offers a powerful CRM, LiveComms, as part of its platform. Inquiries from any listing site, marketing source, or landing page are automatically turned into leads. From there, your staff can guide these prospects through your sales pipeline, tracking all interactions and making it easy to see the status of any given lead in your system. Multiple inboxes mean that your messages are better organized, easier to find, and you can limit which staff members see which inboxes. Best of all, you can create automations that respond to specific inboxes, saving you time and providing better customer service.

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Guest Communications Don’t Stop at Bookings

Automations are the key to saving time and providing excellent customer service. When you implement LiveRez, you’ll create rules that govern any and all vital guest communications:

Instant quotes
Arrival information
Departure information
Departure survey
Discount messages
LiveComms Guest Communications

Since the LiveRez platform includes your reservation system and your CRM, you can create send rules based on vital information that other vacation rental CRMs can’t access. For example, you can set a rule that automatically delays arrival emails until all paperwork, including signed rental agreements, have been received. Still waiting on paperwork? Our system will email a copy to a guest. They can digitally sign the document and email it back, and the CRM will log it and send the arrival email. And that’s just one of the many ways that LiveComms works with you to make your job easier.

Best of all, you can create emails that automatically pull information from your reservation system. LiveComms can automatically send a rental confirmation that includes the guest’s name, the date of their stay, and their chosen property. Your vacation rental property management business is communicating effectively and creating a better guest experience without having to click a button.

Campaign Management and Tracking

The days of wondering about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns are over. With LiveComms, leads are captured and displayed plainly in our easy-to-use property management software. That includes all listing sites, marketing sources, owner acquisition pages, and any inquiries from your website.

Maximize Lead Conversions

Once you’ve gathered leads, you can visit your CRM Leads List dashboard and plainly see all vital details about open leads. With a glance, you’ll see the assigned team member, current status, and which property they’re interested in at which time.

With another click, you’ll be able to drill down and see a lead’s contact information. Emails and text messages are composed and sent right from the CRM, and replies are likewise recorded and stored within your vacation rental management software.

Once your lead is ready to book, it’s just one more click to make the reservation. Better, more efficient processes lead to higher conversion rates, and LiveComms offers just that.


LiveComms Maximize Lead Conversions