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vacation rental trust accounting software


LiveTrust is a state-certified trust accounting software made specifically for property managers. It manages costs associated with homeowner reservations in a legal manner. Since it’s connected to your booking software, funds are being processed and moved between stakeholders in real time according to your customized automation rules. As bookings come in, you and your homeowners can rest assured that the revenue is being properly tracked to be dispersed.


Beyond property-based statements, LiveRez offers owners, vendor, and tax authority statements. Managers can track their business’s monthly income, including vendor payments. These statements even include tax authority reports, which detail how much a business owes in taxes based on the month’s bookings. Best of all, these statements are automatically generated and easy to understand.

easy reconciliations

Easy Reconciliations

LiveTrust offers easy reconciliations with your bank or escrow account. Our reconciliation report is formatted to make it easy for you to match transactions and deposits. Simply pull up your bank account on one screen, your reconciliation report on another, and easily confirm all credits and debits. You can also save your reconciliations to refer back to at any given time.

Custom Reports Available

While LiveRez offers standard reports tailored for vacation rental professionals, every business is different. We allow you to create, save, export, or print custom reports that meet your needs.

1099 Management

One of LiveTrust’s most popular features is the 1099 report. With a couple of clicks, you can generate, save, and print 1099 forms for your owners and your vendors.

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