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Connect with Hundreds of Vacation Rental Listing Sites

Airbnb integration

Airbnb Integration

Direct Airbnb Connection

Connect directly with Airbnb in real-time. Choose from two different types of connections: a full sync (syncs content, rates and availability), or a limited sync (rates and availability) that lets you manage your content on Airbnb. Both send completed bookings directly to LiveRez.

Already on Airbnb? Map directly to your existing listings to maintain your rankings and super host status.

Find out why Airbnb chose us over 86 other software companies to be its first integration partner.

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NextPax Channel Manager

Connect with Hundreds of
Vacation Rental channels

Through our connection with NextPax, we integrate with hundreds of the most popular vacation rental listing sites in the industry. Sync availability, rates, content and more, and get bookings from listings sites delivered directly into LiveRez. You can even use NextPax’s interface to add multipliers to rates on different channels or take advantage of additional amenities and search filters.

Tired of vacation rental channel managers that don’t work the way they should? NextPax’s team of engineers focuses only on making sure their connections are up-to-date and rock solid.

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Channel Manager LiveStay

LiveStay Network

Exclusive Partner-Only Channels

With and the LiveStay Network, we enable you to work with other LiveRez partners on a massive scale. List each others’ properties and get commission on the bookings you drive, and let other managers list your properties to drive you more business.

iCal Channel
Manager Integration

Sync Calendars with Other Sites

Just want to sync your calendar with another site? Our iCal integration has you covered. You can even give your owners an iCal link to their property, so they can add it to their own calendars.

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