Integrated Digital Contracts with eSignature

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integrated digital contracts with esignature

Automate Your Rental Contracts and Guest Agreements

Automated Contracts

Simplify Your Guest Agreement Process

LiveRez’s integrated eSignature and digital contract platform allows you to simplify the process of creating guest agreements, sending them to guests, and tracking when the contracts have been signed. With LiveRez, you can customize the contract, personalize it to the guest, automatically email it to the guest, and then instantly record when the guest signs the agreement.



Signing Rental Contracts Just Got Easier

With LiveRez’s integrated e-signatures, guests can easily sign their agreements on any device in just seconds. No more printing and mailing contracts. No more faxing and emailing contracts. No more manually customizing contracts. No more waiting and hoping that guests return the agreement. At LiveRez, we make it easier than ever to get guests to sign the exact agreement you need them to.

Custom Contracts


We let you create completely custom contract templates in Word or PDF format and upload them to our system. From there, you can add in macros that automatically pull in important details from the reservation (like property name and address, guest details, pricing and so much more). Then, when the contract is sent to the guest it will be completely personalized to them and their stay.