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Access your software from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection.

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Cloud-Based Vacation Rental Software

Web-Based Vacation Rental Software

LiveRez’s end-to-end SaaS (software as a service) platform is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can access it online, 24-7 whenever you need it. LiveRez understands that, unlike your customers, your business never goes on vacation. As a busy vacation rental manager, you can’t be tied to your desk all day. You need to be able to access the system anywhere you go, whether you’re at your desk, at one of your properties, dropping your kids off at school or working from home. With LiveRez, all you need to run your business is an Internet-ready device with a browser.

The Future of Software

Ask nearly any software developer, and they’ll tell you that the future of software is cloud computing. At LiveRez, we’ve embraced that trend. Not only is our software available online anytime you need it, but also we can continually improve it without you ever having to install an update on your computer.

The Advantages of Web-Based Vacation Rental Software

There are many advantages to choosing a cloud-based platform for your software:

  • It’s the inevitable future of software
  • It’s available 24-7 online
  • There are no compatibility issues – it works on Macs and PCs, and a whole host of mobile devices like iPads, tablets and most smart phones. It also works on all popular browsers
  • There are no servers to manage – your data is hosted in a super secure, five 9s (99.99999% percent up time) data center
  • There’s no updates to install – we take care of that behind the scenes
  • There’s no need to employ a huge IT team (you may not even need an IT team)
  • Deployment/Implementation takes a fraction of the time compared to software systems that are installed on computers or tied to in-house servers
  • Transactions take place in real-time – no need for syncing
  • There are no internal networks to maintain to share information between users. Everything is available in the cloud. Information is updated and shared in real time between all users.
  • It’s incredibly scalable, allowing you to easily expand your business (open new offices, use remote employees, deploy multiple websites, etc.)
  • It can be connected to other web services through APIs and other integrations

Stunning Vacation Rental Websites

Increase Your Bookings

Get more traffic and more online bookings with the best performing websites in the industry.

Make Changes in Real Time

Change the content on your website in real time with our easy-to-use content management system.

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The Industry’s Best Vacation Rental Websites

LiveRez-powered websites are designed to streamline the online booking process and “Turn Lookers Into Bookers.” Built with conversion in mind, these websites present travelers with the fastest and easiest way to make a booking online. From a proven 3-click booking process to advanced search options to the ability to compare up to three properties, LiveRez-powered websites are optimized to make the booking process as simple as possible for guests.

100% Responsive Websites

Our websites look stunning on every device – from smart phones to tablets to laptops & desktops. Every element of these websites flawlessly adapts to the size of your guest's screen, delivering an unmatched experience for every traveler on every device. Mobile device usage is exploding and has quickly overtaken people accessing websites on traditional computers. Our websites put you at the forefront of this exciting mobile revolution.

Beautiful Website Design

At LiveRez, we appreciate the importance of stunning website design. When potential guests and property owners visit your LiveRez-powered website, they’ll know right away you’re a true professional. Why? Because your website will exude professionalism at every corner. They’ll think you spent a pretty penny having your website designed – probably because similar quality designs can cost you upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 or more! But you won’t pay that with LiveRez. In fact, a fully-designed website tailored to your business comes standard when you sign up with LiveRez. Impress your guests and attract new owners with a beautiful website from LiveRez.

Content Management System

LiveRez offers managers the best of both worlds, combining custom website design with a powerful content management system (CMS), conveniently located in the back office. You’ll have full control of the content on your website while impressing guests and owners with a beautifully designed website.

Our content management system gives property managers full control over website text and images. That includes property listings, which are easy to upload, change or modify. It also allows property managers to add advanced search options (i.e. hot tub, in-room WiFi, covered deck, etc.), put properties in categories or communities, and add featured properties.

You can also add information on your concierge services, let your guests know about all the fun activities in the area, insert dynamic Google Maps, install third-party add-ons by pasting in custom html code, display testimonials from your many happy guests, and so much more. It’s all simple and easy with LiveRez-powered dynamic websites.

Why pay to wait for a busy web designer to make small changes to your website? With LiveRez, you can take control of your website.

Online Bookings

LiveRez was founded on the simple idea of making vacation rental managers fully operational online by giving them a high-conversion website that offers guests the ability to book online. So, it’s no wonder that online booking has been the company’s calling card, fueling its growth and the growth of its partners. As our partners often say, “With LiveRez, your guests will book online.”

More and more people are meeting their shopping needs online. In fact, more than half of all hotel bookings take place online, and vacation rentals are quickly moving toward that same trend. Simply put, if you don’t have a system in place to take online bookings, you will lose business. LiveRez offers an advanced online booking system to ensure that you don’t lose a customer because your website didn’t offer a way to close the deal online.

Online bookings offer a number of benefits for managers:

  • Customers stop shopping because they closed the deal and made their payment online. This mean they won’t be visiting your competitors’ websites while they wait to hear back from you.
  • Online bookings allow your business to stay open 24-7.
  • Bookings made online mean less time on the phone for your reservationists and less paperwork, both of which will help reduce your operating expenses.

Real-Time Payment Processing

LiveRez allows for real-time payment processing upon booking. Payments go through and are automatically deposited in your accounts. There’s no need to manually sync payments or run credit cards manually.

Guests’ credit card numbers are secured through Vacation Rent Payment’s PCI-compliant gateway. And with VRP’s tokenization process, you retain the convenience of having the guest’s credit card information on file, without the liability of storing full numbers. Simply have the guest verify the last four digits of the card to add another payment.

Check-Out Options

LiveRez gives you the ability to sell additional products and services to guests during the checkout process. Whether it’s grocery service, surfing lessons or travel insurance, LiveRez makes it easy for you to offer your guests the convenience of additional services while at the same time creating additional streams of revenue for your business.

Adding these check-out options is simple, too. Simply head to over to the content management system in the LiveRez back office and set them up. The system can even be configured to automatically e-mail outfitters, service providers and employees when checkout options relating to them have been selected.

Search Engine Optimization

Out of the box, LiveRez websites are the industry’s most SEO-friendly. We’ve had partners shoot to the front page of Google and, in some cases, even to the top spot shortly after we turn on their websites. With intelligent optimization, these websites are unmatched for SEO prowess.

Property Management Software

Control Everything

Manage your properties, reservations, work orders and more in real time.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Leverage cutting-edge tools that are easy to learn and use.

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Powerful Property Management and Reservation Software

Back Office Overview

The LiveRez reservation system is the heart and soul of the LiveRez back office. This powerful tool allows users to take and modify reservations, manage properties, set-up in-depth system preferences, create admin users and owner logins, run their company’s maintenance and housekeeping operations, and pull up real-time reports on key aspects of their operations. This robust reservation system gives managers complete control over their company’s operations, all in one place.

Real-Time Automation

In just one click at booking, the LiveRez reservation system can handle multiple tasks automatically and in real-time:

  • Make the reservation
  • Process the credit card payment in real-time
  • Block dates off the real-time calendar
  • E-mail guests to confirm their reservations and queue follow-up e-mails
  • E-mail notification to cleaners, concierge services, owners, other staff or anyone else set-up to receive notifications when that property is booked
  • Create a travel insurance policy
  • Create an invoice in QuickBooks
  • And much more!

Reservation System

The LiveRez reservation system includes a full-featured real-time reservation calendar. Because your LiveRez website and your LiveRez reservation system are one piece of software, the calendar in your reservation system is always up to date with not only your website, but also many of our affiliate marketing websites.

If your guest chooses not to book online, making a reservation for him or her over the phone or in person is a snap. Reservationists can search for properties and availability right from the reservation system and easily complete the reservation right there. The system also makes it easy for reservationists to search for and modify existing reservations.

This admin reservation process is made even simpler for returning guests, as the system remembers guest information, cutting down on additional data entry. Vetting guests is also made easier by allowing you to assign a standing to past guests: In Good Standing, Warning, and Disallow Guest.

Let’s say you want to vet guests making an online booking? There’s two ways to go about it. You can simply contact them after the reservation is made and then cancel the reservation if they do not the fit the allowed renting criteria. The other way is to use our pending booking process, which allows you to take the reservation online, but hold processing the payment until your staff has vetted the guest.

If the guest isn’t ready to book just yet, you can easily put the property on hold and then easily convert it to a reservation later. Need to take a property out of a circulation temporarily? No problem. The calendar also allows you to block off a property for as long or as short as you need.

Extensive System Preferences

With LiveRez, users are given multiple customization options at different levels (global, category and property). These preferences allow you to assign a number of attributes to properties, like price ranges, owners, lock box codes, pets allowed, location-based tax rates, driving directions, minimum stays and so much more. By configuring these preferences up front, managers will save valuable time throughout the reservation process.

Preferences like lock box codes, driving directions, assigned owners, etc. are also pulled in by the CRM system, making customizing automated e-mails to guests and owners highly efficient.

Security Options

The LiveRez platform gives you the ability to set up an unlimited amount of admin logins to give users access to the LiveRez back office, whether it’s for an employee or a vendor you work with. In order to ensure security, LiveRez allows you to assign these logins one of the system’s multiple security profiles (all with varying levels of permissions).

For example, you could create an admin user for a cleaner, and give that cleaner only access to the LiveRez property care module. Likewise, you could limit a reservationist from being able to modify content on your website.

This ability is especially important for cleaning and maintenance employees, vendors and contractors, as it allows them to access the system remotely (from the property, on the road or from their office) so they can input their work as they complete it – all without compromising your security.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

The LiveRez platform allows users to easily create, assign, fill out and track the completion of requests for maintenance and housekeeping.

By creating an internal maintenance or cleaning request from the reservation system, a LiveRez user can indicate the type of service requested for a property and assign it to another employee or contractor. Once assigned, the employee or contractor will receive an e-mail notifying them of the assignment. They’ll also be able to see the work order assigned to them (along with the detail of the assignment) when they log into the LiveRez back office.

From there the request can be updated by the assigned user to include: any items needed to complete the request, the cost of these items, where these costs will be charged, the use of any third-party venders and the details of the work completed, including the time of completion. These web-based work orders allow users to easily delegate and track the completion of maintenance and cleaning items, as well as the frequency of these requests and the costs associated with completing them.

Thanks to our cloud-based platform, employees or contractors can input their work right from the property via an Internet-enabled device with a browser. LiveRez works on a variety of mobile devices, including iPads, tablets and most smart phones, making inputting work from the property easy and convenient. This feature alone has the ability to dramatically increase the efficiency of your maintenance and housekeeping operations.


LiveRez offers a complete suite of customizable reports to help you track and analyze your revenue, bookings and property management activity. Developed in collaboration with vacation rental managers, our system provides you access to a dynamic group of robust reports to accomplish your day-to-day vacation rental management needs.

Here's quick look at some of the featured reports of the LiveRez system:

  • Sales
  • Reservations
  • Taxes
  • Occupancy
  • Cleaning
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • and much more...

These intelligent reports are designed to help managers run their businesses and provide strategic guidance to the company. Instead of getting bogged down with details of day-to-day operations, managers will be able to quickly survey how their business is running at a glance and make recommendations for optimizing key aspects of their businesses. This is one way that LiveRez makes the manager the pilot of his or her business, instead of the mechanic.

Owner Portals

LiveRez owner logins give your owners the convenience of viewing key reports relating to their property and making reservations online – on their own time. These logins allow your owners to access to the data they need, when they need it, without having to come through you to get it.

Between these logins and automated e-mails to owners through the CRM, you’ll spend much less time responding to owner questions while simultaneously increasing owner satisfaction. This process saves both you and your owners valuable time, streamlining the process of owner relations.

Owner Statements

LiveRez makes owner statements simple. With a few clicks, you can provide owners with a detailed report on their properties, including:

  • A list of all of their reservations (with the option to include guest information)
  • Total revenue and revenue per reservation
  • Owners expenses with line items explaining and breaking down each expense
  • Commission splits
  • A breakdown of total owner income (expenses and revenue)

Also included on owner statements are:

  • Your address and contact info
  • The owners address and contact info
  • Property name and address
  • Statement period
  • Reservation numbers
  • Expense invoice numbers
  • External comments (you also have the option of adding internal comments for in-house use)
Viewing Statements

Once published, owner statements can be viewed by owners via their owner logins. Additionally, you can print and mail statements to owners or print them to PDFs and easily attach them to e-mails to owners.

The system can also be configured to automatically e-mail an owner after the statement is published, letting the owner know that the statement is now available via the owner login.

Bulk Processing and Publishing Statements

If you’re dealing with many different owners, processing owner statements one at time can be time consuming and frustrating. That’s why we give you the ability to bulk process owner statements and then bulk publish them to QuickBooks. With a few clicks, you can process all of your owner statements and approve that information for use in QuickBooks. Our partners are reporting that this one feature saves them a significant amount of time, allowing them to save money and focus on other mission- critical tasks.

QuickBooks Integration

A Seamless Connection

A real-time connection between your software and QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks, Without the Hassle

NO import/export. NO copying and pasting. NO double entry.

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Vacation Rental Accounting with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration Overview

LiveRez offers the vacation rental industry’s only real-time connection to QuickBooks for accounting. This integration allows your accountant or bookkeeper to use the world’s most popular accounting software. Data from your LiveRez back office is seamlessly connected to your copy of QuickBooks on a PC.

Trust Accounting + Operations Accounting

Unlike many in-house accounting programs in the vacation rental industry, QuickBooks handles both trust accounting and operations accounting, meaning you’ll be able to use one accounting platform for all of your company’s accounting needs. This will eliminate a ton of unnecessary work inputting data into two different accounting platforms.

Approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

Our QuickBooks Integration is also approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, which has the nation’s strictest standards on vacation rental accounting. You can rest assured that your accounting platform follows the nation’s strictest best practices for vacation rental accounting.

More Managers Use QuickBooks

According to a 2010 Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) survey, more vacation rental managers use QuickBooks than any other accounting software. In fact, it was eight times more popular than the next integrated accounting software platform. Why try to learn a lesser system when you can use the industry standard, understood by a wide cross section of the workforce, which likely includes your current accountant?

Automate Your Communications

Lead Management Made Easy

Create and track leads, auto respond to inquiries and more.

Automated Emails

Automatically send custom emails to guests, owners and your team, without lifting a finger.

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Vacation Rental CRM System

CRM System Overview

LiveRez's cutting edge CRM system combines lead management and marketing automation technologies to enable to you to communicate better and more fully with your guests and owners, with less effort.

  • Manage all your leads in one place
  • Automate your communication with guests
  • Intelligently respond to inquiries automatically

Automated Communications

Imagine if all the emails you send to guests and owners during the reservation process were sent automatically – without you having to lift a finger or remember to do anything. Not only that – but what if you had full control over the message and the system automatically tailored it to the recipient? Well, that’s exactly what LiveRez’s new CRM system is designed to do.

Lead Management

Your team gets leads from many different sources, whether it be listing websites, your own website, phone calls, emails from potentials guests and more. We route all these sources through your CRM system, seamlessly creating a one list of leads for your team to work. Our lead management interface allows you to quickly prioritize the most valuable leads, assign them to team members, track your interactions with potential guests, send emails and bookable quotes, and easily convert leads to bookings.

Intelligent Auto Responder

The CRM system can automatically parse the information from inquiry emails and respond with either a bookable quote or similar suggested homes (if the requested property is unavailable). This allows you to respond faster and more thoroughly to inquiries, and convert more of them to bookings.

Industry Partnerships

Completely Integrated

Reap the benefits of direct integration with Airbnb, payment processing, travel insurance and smart home automation.

Save Time and Increase Revenue

Increase your efficiency and cut costs while tapping into new streams of revenue.

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Strategic Vacation Rental Industry Partnerships

LiveRez carefully vets every one of its strategic industry partners to assure that they share our values and are committed to offering professional managers the highest levels of service possible. We partner with the best organizations in the industry. Through these partnerships, we're able to offer our partners access to additional streams of revenue, cutting-edge technology and massive time saving benefits.

Airbnb Integration

Airbnb can supercharge your bookings by putting your properties in front of millions of travelers worldwide. LiveRez's integration is the fastest and most cost efficient way to get your properties on Airbnb.

From 87 to 1

When Airbnb started its vacation rentals division, it met with 87 of the top vacation rental software providers in the world, and chose to integrate with just one in the United States. Shaun Stewart, Airbnb's Global Head of Vacation Rentals, explains why they chose LiveRez in the video below:

Why Use LiveRez's Integration?
  • Real-time integration
  • No extra fees
  • Pay only 3% to 5% per booking
  • Airbnb absorbs all credit card processing fees
  • Special new policies for professional managers
  • Smart Home Technology

    LiveRez has partnered with PointCentral to optimize and simplify the management of vacation rentals through the introduction of cellular-powered smart home control.

    Just as LiveRez revolutionized the industry by bringing bookings online, this integration brings the property online, offering unprecedented levels of control and efficiency to the more than 1000 property management companies using the LiveRez software.

    The PointCentral technology enables these managers to lock and unlock doors, control house and pool temperature, monitor security and much more – directly from their LiveRez software. The technology also empowers these managers to track the execution of their vacation rental operations in real time via the LiveManager interface in our work order system.

    Credit Card Processing

    LiveRez has a real-time integration with Vacation Rent Payment (VRP) to provide its partners with a PCI-compliant credit card gateway. This integration allows for the real-time processing of credit card payments. There’s no manual syncing needed after the fact.

    After a quick and easy set-up during the implementation process, your website and your reservation system will be able to easily accept all major credit cards, giving your guests an added level of convenience. Furthermore, if you choose to use VRP as your merchant processor, the company offers flat-rate pricing, which historically has saved most managers a significant amount on their credit card processing fees.

    Travel Insurance

    Offering your guests the protection they need is simple with LiveRez’s integration with CSA Travel Protection. We’ll just add an option at check out for travel insurance, and your guests can decide whether or not they want it. Invoicing, accounting, reporting, etc. are tied into the back office, meaning there’s no additional work for you.

    The ability to offer travel insurance to your guests is free and has multiple benefits for managers.

    First, it creates an additional stream of revenue for you. When you sell a CSA Travel Protection Policy, you’ll receive a commission on the premium. Just think how much additional revenue you could create if just a third of your guests opted for travel insurance.

    Second, travel insurance protects your investment as well. You’ve invested valuable time and money getting guests to book and communicating with them through the booking process. If they need to cancel their reservation, you could lose not only that hard-earned booking revenue but also the opportunity of having that property available for someone else to book.

    Third, CSA also offers security deposit insurance as an alternative to traditional security deposits to cover the guest for damages to the property. That way if something does happen to the property while the guest is on vacation, the travel insurance policy will protect them. This saves you the hassle of taking and returning security deposits, as well as eliminates the stress of trying to collect damages from the guest. Additionally, this allows you to avoid any ill will that may be created during the collection process, which may affect the chances of the guest returning to do business with you again.

    The best part is that SDI is relatively inexpensive, and you have the ability to mark it up, creating yet another stream of revenue.

    Vacation Rental Managers Association

    LiveRez is the software gold sponsor of the Vacation Rental Managers Association, the world's largest trade organization dedicated to professional vacation rental property management.

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