Digital Contracts for Vacation Rentals

Completely Automate Your Guest Agreement Process with our Fully Integrated e-Signature Solution

digital contract esignature vacation rentals

Guest Agreements Just Got Way Easier

Check out the video below to learn how we automate the process!

Fully Integrated e-Signature Platform

Everything you need to simplify and automate your rental contracts!

Easily Upload Your Agreement

Simply upload your exisiting agreement to start your template and use fields from the system to personalize it.

Generate Personalized Contracts

When the guest opens the agreement, it will personalized the contract with their information directly from their reservation.

Automate Guest Agreement Emails

Automatically send guest agreement emails directly from the LiveRez CRM system. Even schedule follow-up reminder emails.

Simplify Signatures, On Any Device

Guests can sign your agreements from any device by drawing on their touch screen, typing their name or taking a photo of their signature.

Monitor Contract Status in Real Time

As soon as a contract is signed, we'll update the agreement status in the reservation and keep follow-up emails from being sent.

Great for All Types of Contracts

Create templates for all types of agreements, from guests agreements to management and vendor contracts.

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