Vacation Rental Trust Accounting

The Trust Accounting Software Property Managers Have Always Dreamed of is Now Here!

Mobile Responsive Trust Accounting Software

Vacation Rental Trust Accounting Just Got Way Easier

Designed by Property Managers. Powered by Real-Time Technology.

LiveTrust is the next generation of trust accounting software for professional property managers. Designed by a committee of vacation rental managers with deep experience in trust accounting, LiveTrust leverages real-time event handling, automation and responsive technology to make your trust accounting a simple and intuitive process, on any device!
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LiveTrust Features

The Power of Live!

One of the biggest advantages of LiveTrust is its ability to offer to-the-second accounting information. LiveTrust processes funds and moves them between stakeholders in real time. Because of this, you will always know the "live" status of all your trust accounts!

Packed with Features

LiveTrust gives you all the tools you'd expect from a trust accounting system:

Fully Integrated

LiveTrust is completely integrated with LiveRez's back office software. It instantly pulls in revenue and expense line items from your reservation system and handles them automatically based on the rules you configure. You decide when to recognize revenue, how to split it up, and when to move funds from one account to another. And, if you update a transaction or change a setting in your back office, LiveTrust knows instantly and updates your information right away.

Designed by Accountants

LiveTrust was designed by professional vacation rental managers! Our development team worked closely with a working group of property managers with extensive backgrounds in vacation rental trust accounting. The result is a product closely aligned with the needs of professional managers that will continuously evolve to handle even the most complex accounting requirements.

Mobile First

LiveTrust was built to be completely mobile responsive, meaning it will offer a truly exceptional experience to you no matter what device you access it with, whether it be a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Cloud Based

LiveTrust allows you to do your accounting from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You'll be able to access crucial financial information from wherever you are and on any device.

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