Reservation System yes  yes
Cloud Based yes Limited
Integrated Website yes Extra Charge
Online Bookings yes Some
CRM System yes Some
QuickBooks Trust Accounting yes
Pay-For-Performance yes
Free Tech Support yes
Unlimited Admin Users yes
Free Owner Logins yes
Unlimited Property Listings yes
Fast Deployment yes
Works on iPads, Mobile Devices and Macs. yes

LiveRez Features

vacation rental solution

Industry Standard All-in-One Web-Based Vacation Rental Software Platform

Everything You Need Under One Roof offers the only industry standard end-to-end SaaS solution for professional vacation rental managers. What does that mean? One company provides you with everything you need to run your property management company, and every aspect of their service is completely integrated. With, you get an online booking and reservation system, dynamic website, content management system, a full suite of reporting, the ability to automate a number of tasks, a customer relations management (CRM) System, complete integration with QuickBooks, unlimited admin users, free owner logins, free technical support, compatibility with a number of mobile devices and a “Pay-for-Performance” pricing scheme that sees you as a partner rather than a customer. With, there’s no need to juggle multiple providers. We give you everything you need – all in one place.

Access Your Software Any Time, Any Place, Online understands that, unlike your customers, your business never goes on vacation. That’s why our system is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, wherever you can find a connection to the Internet. Ask nearly any software developer, and they’ll tell you that the future of software is cloud computing. At, we’ve embraced that trend. We offer our partners vacation rental software that lives in the cloud, where you can access it any time of day on nearly any device that has a web browser, and we can continually improve it without ever having to install an update on your computer.

Only at
You won’t find vacation rental software in a complete end-to-end SaaS platform anywhere else. We’re the only company that offers this service. And, it’s one of the reasons we’re the fastest growing vacation rental software platform in the world. Since launching our software in 2008, we’ve gained nearly 500 vacation rental manager partners. Come see why the industry is making the switch to

Cloud Based

LiveRez’s end-to-end SaaS (software as a service) platform is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can access it online, 24-7 whenever you need it. LiveRez understands that, unlike your customers, your business never goes on vacation. As a busy vacation rental manager, you can’t be tied to your desk all day. You need to be able to access the system anywhere you go, whether you’re at your desk, at one of your properties, dropping your kids off at school or working from home. With LiveRez, all you need to run your business is an Internet-ready device with a browser

Ask nearly any software developer, and they’ll tell you that the future of software is cloud computing. At, we’ve embraced that trend. Not only is our software available online anytime you need it, but also we can continually improve it without ever having to install an update on your computer.

Reservation System

Easily Create Reservations and Process Payments
As a property manager, you need a simple, intuitive interface to create and modify reservations – one that is easy to learn and easy to teach your employees to use. At, we’ve worked with property managers to give them just that and more. With our online reservation system, it is easy to create reservations that come in over the phone or in person, and quickly modify any reservation – whether it was made online, in person or over the phone. Our software can interface with most online merchant services and credit card processors to allow for real time booking transactions, so you don’t lose an opportunity to get a booking.  And if your customers want to pay a different way, our system can handle checks, credit cards (with or without processing), cash, money orders, transfers and more. The system also gives you the ability to set-up reservations for owners, give complimentary reservations, put a property on hold or completely block it off your calendar.

Full Reporting Suite to Help in Management Decisions offers a complete suite of customizable reports to help you track and analyze your revenue, bookings and property management activity. Developed in collaboration with vacation rental managers, our system provides you access to a dynamic group of robust reports to accomplish your day-to-day vacation rental management needs.  Whether you need quick stats on sales, reservations, taxes, occupancy, cleaning, travel insurance or more, our system is there to make your life easier, saving you time, money and unneeded stress. Remember, you cannot improve what you do not measure.

Real Time Vacation Home Booking Calendar
The world operates in real time, and so do we at Our real-time calendar ensures you never miss an opportunity to capture a booking.  Your competition isn’t just other vacation rental management companies; it also includes hotels and all other accommodation alternatives. Be competitive with the same real-time calendar and online booking capabilities that travelers have some to expect from hotels.


Turn Lookers into Bookers understands how consumers shop online, and the company specifically designs every one of its websites to maximize online traffic and increase online booking conversions. Our professional looking designs establish immediately that your business is the real deal. Built-in SEO features help your business appear higher in search engine results. And the company’s “3-click booking” design ensures that visitors are just three easy clicks away from becoming guests. It’s all about giving visitors exactly what they are looking for and providing them with the easiest path to book. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. What does your website say about you and your business?

Content Management
Although the team designs the look and feel of every website with the input of the partner, the company’s content management system gives property managers full control over website text and images. That includes property listings, which are easy to upload, change or modify. It also allows property managers to add advanced search options (i.e. hot tub, in-room WiFi, covered deck, etc.), put properties in categories or communities, and add featured properties. All this makes it easier than ever for visitors to find exactly what they want. How quickly are your visitors finding what they need? And how many bookings are you losing as a result?

Trust Accounting: QuickBooks Integration

Use the Best Accounting Software Available
At, we partner with the best accounting software available. Trusted by more than 38 million people across the globe, QuickBooks is the world’s top accounting system for small- to-medium-sized businesses. provides a seamless integration with QuickBooks through a secure connection that ensures all of your most confidential financial information is safe and sound. Use a program understood by a wide cross section of the workforce, which likely includes your current accountant. Switch to and take advantage of QuickBooks integration today.

Integration Saves You Time and Money
If you own or operate more than one business, why would you want to have your financial data in two different places? allows you the ability to move your data into a program used by millions around the world. In fact, you may be using it already. Integration will save you time and money, and help cut down on needless mistakes in the accounting process.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
The LiveRez Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System offer managers the ability to save thousands of dollars a year by automating their e-mail communication with guests and owners. Messages that many managers spend hours sending manually can be done automatically. Send messages tailored to recipients at the exact time you choose – all automatically.

Online Booking

Take Advantage of a Growing Trend
More and more people are meeting their shopping needs online. In fact, more than half of all online hotel bookings take place online, and vacation rentals are quickly moving toward that same trend. Simply put, if you don’t have a system in place to take online bookings, you will lose business. offers an advanced online booking system to ensure that you don’t lose a customer because your website didn’t offer a way to close the deal online. Times are changing. Don’t get left behind.

Convenience is Key
Today’s consumers seek the convenience of an online shopping experience. They need the ability to book from their own home, on the road or in the office – and to do so at any time, day or night. Used in tandem with a dynamic website, our online booking system makes it simple and easy for prospects to find you online and book their vacation home within only a few clicks. Give your guests a secure, trusted and easy booking experience. Your customers will thank you for it!


The LiveRez platform allows users to easily create, assign, fill out and track the completion of requests for maintenance and housekeeping.

By creating an internal maintenance or cleaning request from the reservation system, a LiveRez user can indicate the type of service requested for a property and assign it to another employee or contractor. Once assigned, the employee or contractor will receive an e-mail notifying them of the assignment. They’ll also be able to see the work order assigned to them (along with the detail of the assignment) when they log into the LiveRez back office.

From there the request can be updated by the assigned user to include: any items needed to complete the request, the cost of these items, where these costs will be charged, the use of any third-party venders and the details of the work completed, including the time of completion. These web-based work orders allow users to easily delegate and track the completion of maintenance and cleaning items, as well as the frequency of these requests and the costs associated with completing them.

Thanks to our cloud-based platform, employees or contractors can input their work right from the property via an Internet-enabled device with a browser. LiveRez works on a variety of mobile devices, including iPads, tablets and most smart phones, making inputting work from the property easy and convenient. This feature alone has the ability to dramatically increase the efficiency of your maintenance and housekeeping operations.


LiveRez offers a complete suite of customizable reports to help you track and analyze your revenue, bookings and property management activity. Developed in collaboration with vacation rental managers, our system provides you access to a dynamic group of robust reports to accomplish your day-to-day vacation rental management needs.

Whether you need quick stats on sales, reservations, taxes, occupancy, cleaning, travel insurance or more, our system is there to make your life easier, saving you time, money and unneeded stress.

These intelligent reports are designed to help managers run your businesses and provide strategic guidance, instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day operations. Essentially, a manager becomes the pilot, instead of the mechanic.

Owners Logon

LiveRez owner logins give your owners the convenience of viewing key reports relating to their property and making reservations online – on their own time. These logins allow your owners to access to the data they need, when they need it, without having to come through you to get it.

Between these logins and automated e-mails to owners through the CRM, you’ll spend much less time responding to owner questions while simultaneously increasing owner satisfaction. This process saves both you and your owners valuable time, streamlining the process of owner relations.

Website Analytics

Understand How Your Customers Shop Online
The advent of website analytics gave business owners the world over a way to see their customers’ online shopping behavior. With today’s powerful analytics, you can discover how many customers are coming to your site, where they are coming from, what web pages they’re looking at, what path they’re taking to book, and where they’re getting hung up in the process. Some programs, like Crazy Egg, will even tell you what time of the day visitors are coming to your site and show you a heat map of where those visitors are clicking on your webpage, so you can better design the structure of the page.

Easy to Use and Install websites are fully compatible with a whole host of website analytics providers. And, you don’t have to be a technical genius to use them. Using Google Analytics is as simple as setting up a free account through Google and pasting a code into our content management system – has already pre-installed the required website script to run Google Analytics. And installing script for other analytics programs is as easy as copying and pasting. makes using analytics as simple as possible, so you can better understand how your customers behave online and take advantage of this intelligence to increase your bottom line.


We align our interests with your company’s success through our pay-for-performance marketing and software partnership. We know property managers care deeply about their return on investment, so we structure our monthly rates based on how our software performs for you. As you see returns from our dynamic websites getting you more bookings, we share in your success. We view this relationship as a partnership to support your business and help you grow.

Low Barrier to Entry
We bring you the best vacation rental software solution available. We know that in today’s volatile and competitive vacation rental marketplace, great companies are being more frugal than ever before and do not have much margin for large upfront investment costs. We have minimized your startup costs as part of our partnership. We make our barriers to entry as low as possible so you can use the best marketing and vacation rental property management platform on the market. 

Unlimited Property Listings

Unlimited Property Listings
We align our interests with you – we want to maximize your bookings and rental revenue. Therefore, we want you to list as many properties as possible on your website. We will never add additional charges for an increased number of rental properties.

Unlimited Admin Users
Multiple Reservationists? Part-time Employees? Bookkeepers? No Problem. Everyone can have access to the reservation system with Unlimited Admin Users. And with, you can set the admin rules for each user. For example, you could block your part-time employees from viewing your books or you could restrict access to your content management system to just yourself or other key employees. Unlimited Users, each with user admin rules, only with! 

Free Owner Logins
Give your owners the convenience of viewing their occupancy calendar, creating reports and making reservations on their own time. With’s free owner logins, your owners can access the data they need, when they need it, without having to come through you to get it. Save yourself and your owners some valuable time with’s free owner logins.

Free Tech Support
When you need help, we’ll be there. As your partner, we want to do everything we can to help you grow and succeed. That’s why our tech support is free and accessible. We provide you with a vault full of online web videos and training guides to give you step-by-step support on your vacation rental software, and our team of competent technicians is ready and willing to serve you when you call or e-mail. Get the most of’s industry leading vacation rental software with our free technical support!

Fast Deployment

Be Up and Running in a Month or Less
When you sign up to be a partner, we want your website up and making money as soon as possible. We offer the industry’s fastest deployment time. In most cases, we can have you up and running with our complete end-to-end system in less time than someone else can design only your website – and we frequently do it for less. Our record is three days – think you can beat that?

Seamless Transition
Our approach moves you seamlessly from the sales process to implementation. In our kick-off calls, the same sales professional that sold you our service will introduce you to the technician that will get you up and running. You’ll work with the technician to get up to speed on your new software and to iron out the design of your website. And, in no time at all your system will be up and running and getting you bookings.

Switching from Another Provider? No problem
We’re highly experienced in transitioning clients from other software providers. Our advanced data mining techniques help you transfer text, pictures and other information from your old website to your new dynamic website. We make switching fast and easy, so your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Affiliate Marketing Channels

Free Listings through Partner Websites
At, we want your company to be as successful as possible, and we understand that marketing plays a key role in increasing your business. As your partner, we list your homes for free on our vacation rental directory websites. We work hard to increase exposure of your property listings and increase your bookings. And we do all of this at no additional charge.
Our partners have the opportunity to list their properties through, which offers only trusted vacation rental properties through trusted vacation rental managers like you. RezSecure increases consumer confidence by offering a guarantee that the properties it lists are as advertised. Furthermore, the site retains your individual brand by attaching your logo to your property when it appears in search results. By listing multiple properties from North America and across the globe, offers consumers a safe and convenient one-stop shopping experience.

1st Choice Vacation Rentals
Since 1994, 1st Choice Vacation Rentals has been the easiest way on the Internet to find vacation rentals worldwide, including properties in the United States, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Categories include homes, villas, condominiums, ski cabins, bed and breakfasts, timeshares and much more. And, all partners can list their properties here for free.

Property Posting Tool
Want to market your properties outside of these channels?’s property posting tool creates html code that you can use to advertise your properties on websites like Craigslist or to embed property listings in html e-mail messages. We make sharing your properties as easy as ever.


Mac? PC? No Problem!
Because’s vacation rental software is based entirely online, all you need to access it is a Web browser and an Internet connection. With nothing to install on your computer, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s compatible with your computer or your operating system.’s system simply works.

Mobile Devices’s end-to-end platform runs seamlessly on iPads, iPhones, Android cell phones and a host of other mobile devices, giving you the convenience of running your business on the fly. At, we put your business in the palm of your hand.