10 Vacation Rental Podcasts You Need to Hear Now

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Vacation Rental Software

If you google Vacation Rental Podcasts, you will find an abundance of content and options. You’ll even find articles on the Top 10, Top 15, and Top 30, you get it. It’s a lot and we know that as vacation rental managers, your time is limited and likely better spent on managing your rental. 

With LiveRez’s experience and industry knowledge, we have identified the top 10 vacation rental podcasts we think are the most reliable and least time-consuming so you can learn efficiently, stay on top of trends, build your brand and do better business. Here’s where we landed:

1.Sarah and T

It says it all on the home page—A Professional Vacation Rental Manager’s Podcast. The show is hosted by Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty. Between the two of them, they manage over 550 vacation rental properties. Sarah and her husband started their business in 2016 while Tim Cafferty grew up in the business. The show is rich with experience discussing important day-to-day issues that will most impact you as a professional vacation rental manager as well as long-term strategies for growth. 

With topics like How to keep your employees, create accessible-friends VRs, how to maximize your website, and how to approach government regulations, this podcast is a must-listen. 

Look for episodes HERE

2. Unlocked 

Matt Landau hosts this casual chat-style podcast where he and his guests from all over the country share experiences and insights in the vacation rental industry. Matt also hosts the Netflix series Sense of Place where he has in-depth discussions with vacation rental hosts on their perspective of what home means and how to translate that meaning into an experience for a robust vacation rental opportunity.

On the Unlocked podcast, Matt will discuss with expert guests what it takes to create not good but great hospitality, and then market the experience for even greater success. Those tips include sustainable business models, innovative software, how to build a team, and how to use data.

Look for episodes HERE

3. Vacation Rental Success 

Heather Bayer has been recognized as one of the most popular vacation rental podcast hosts so, of course, she is included on our list. Her popularity is for good reason. Heather Bayer started as a blogger (Cottage Blogger) after the success of a published book, Renting For-Profit but saw the podcast channel as an even better way to reach more people. 

Heather developed a formula for purchasing, setting up, marketing, and managing properties to reach maximum occupancy in the shortest time. Her success led to the success of others following the formula and today she continues to share articles, checklists, and expert interviews on helpful hints and tips you can implement immediately. 

Look for episodes HERE  

4. Get Paid for Your Pad

Like many on this list, Jasper Ribbers is a vacation rental Superhost with a vast amount of experience and knowledge, and lucky for you, more than willing to share. In his podcast, Get Paid for Your Pad, he shares mistakes, challenges, successes, and lessons he has gathered along his hosting journey. 

As an expert rental host, Jasper will discuss how to maximize your income, how to avoid failures and problems, how to maximize the platform, and how to get a higher ranking to drive more bookings. He’ll also feature relevant topics like how fuel prices are affecting travel and present resources like interior design and best locations for investment.

Look for episodes HERE

5. The Hosting Journey

Evelyn Badia is also a vacation rental Superhost. In her podcast, The Hosting Journey, she discusses the challenges of managing a vacation rental property. Along with expert guests, some of the topics she explores are software and platform updates, difficult guests, and building the right internal team to create the best vacation rental experience. 

Evelyn leverages conversations and questions she receives from her Facebook group with the same name. She’ll tackle some of the most relevant issues at hand including property updates and renovations, how to retain good vendors, cleaners, and maintenance, and the always-popular topic of hosting pets in your vacation rental property. 

Look for episodes HERE

6. Hosting Your Home

Seasoned vacation rental hosts, Deb and Rob Hertert chat with other experienced hosts from around the world. Together they share insights, stories, and lessons they have garnered along the way in their respective vacation rental journey. These personal experiences cover everything from tools and services you may not have considered, to how to deal with rude guests, messes, and animals. 

Hosting Your Home is a rich listen full of stories that are unbiased and freely shared with many different perspectives including underrepresented host insights as well as LGBTQA host perspectives. This podcast is sure to provide lessons you can’t get anywhere else.

Look for episodes HERE.

7. Vacation Rental Revolution Podcast

Real Estate Expert, Shawn Moore, from Vodyssey.com, brings you the Vodyssey’s Vacation Rental Revolution Podcast. In his own words, Shawn will discuss the best tips, tactics & strategies for growing and scaling your short-term vacation rental portfolio. He will articulate the difference between traditional short-term vacation rentals and what he calls true Lifestyle Assets.

You will learn from his 20 years of ups and downs in the real estate investing game. Expert interviews and topics include acquisition, legal, finance, management & more. This podcast will help you to focus on building your Lifestyle Asset portfolio giving you Lifestyle & Financial Freedom starting today.

Look for episodes on Spotify HERE

8. The No BS Short Term Rental Podcast

In their own words, this podcast is an unfiltered look into the global vacation and short-term rental industry. Co-Hosts Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger discuss current news and affairs surrounding the short-term rental space. The No BS Short Term Rental Podcast brings the right people to the table at the right time giving their audience an inside view and real take on the industry like no other.

Their conversations range from topics like scaling responsibly and automated SaaS to how to leverage data for happy homeowners and guests. 

Look for episodes on Spotify HERE

9. Vacation Rental Machine

Hosted by Superhosts, Jon Bell & Julian Sage, this podcast helps vacation rental property managers and hosts scale your business. Vacation Rental Machine discusses creating systems that help you automate your vacation rental business, giving you more time and money, and freedom to work on other aspects of the operations.

Topics include everything from the vacation rental outlook for the current year, Slow season strategies, and smart thermometers to 3 ways to destroy your business. You might be guessing that topic means a conversation on what NOT to do. The episode cautions against rapid growth through volume and how that may not be the best approach for sustainable growth. 

10. Shampoo and Booze 

And lastly, we would be remiss if we did not include the Shampoo and Booze podcast for the title alone. It references the two things that are left behind most often in vacation rentals, but vacation rental owners Ryanne and Jay don’t mind. They’ll take the extra shampoo and booze. 

The Shampoo and Booze podcast gives listeners unique and useful tips based on Ryanne and Jay’s own experience as rental owners. The two have explored and documented their own property renovations while running a full-time business selling cool stuff on eBay. They have a lot to offer where renovations and design are key. Tips like how to deal with the stress of renovation might be the ones you need today. 

Look for episodes HERE.

We considered the podcasts above as the most relevant to you because they are from people who do what you do. Most of them speak from the perspective of the vacation property managers and owners. We did not include the podcasts focused on investments because, well, that is an entirely separate conversation. But we hope our list has narrowed down the content to a less than overwhelming degree and will help you move forward toward your own growth and success.

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