What Differentiates a Website Built by LiveRez?

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Vacation Rental Software

Cookie-cutter websites have no place in our tech-obsessed, highly-visual cyber world.  

Your customers expect to be impressed with creativity and ingenuity when searching for their vacation home.  They expect to see homes that are accurately represented, and appealing.  The visual layout of your website is being judged by that potential customer, and the better your site is, the more likely they are to book with you. 

At LiveRez we pride ourselves on the innovative and flexible web design system we have developed and refined over time.  That proprietary  system allows each partner to mix and  match modules to create a website that reflects their unique personality, local market and properties.  

Our sites are built to seamlessly guide the user through the stages of the reservation process.  Our websites are focused on capturing potential customers with an eye-catching home page, directing attention to a searchable property database, providing robust property offerings and local information,  and converting the  reservation with a few easy clicks.  We accomplish this with our favorite LiveRez tools, designed to make your website a conversion standout!

1. Our sites make you look so good.

Our sites are designed to showcase your unique property offerings. Fully customizable layout anchored by full-span feature photography gives a super-charged visual appeal.

vacation website design by Liverez

Take me to the mountains! Even if you’re never climbed a mountain, you may want to now — or at least book a stay on top of one.  Montana Home Vacations offers fresh mountain air right on their website with outstanding imagery that any guest would find hard to resist! 

webdesign for luxury vacation rentals

Tropical drink poolside? Sign us up! Selling the ultimate vacation experience seems easy with Yacht Haven’s  imagery.  With all the luxuries of a tropical resort on-tap at this well appointed motorcoach and yacht park,  potential guests are easily drawn in by a playful-yet-relaxed depiction of this must-try luxury experience.

2. Our sites make booking simple.

A strategically placed search bar grants guests access to available properties.  A quick toggle of the flexible dates feature and guests are provided with an even wider range of availability, allowing more options for planning (and booking) without pre-set check in and check out dates.

vacation listing web tool for property managers

In addition, usage of promotional pricing instantly grabs guests attention with red, slash-through price quotes and the promise of an even better bargain for their stay. Guests book with a satisfied feeling of money saved, and managers are successful at sending traffic toward lower-performing properties. 

3. Our user experience is user friendly.

Convenient detail icons for number of guests, bedroom and bathroom count, property features and square footage are all featured right at the top of the property listing. These visuals strengthen the website experience and aid in buyer decision making without the need to scroll through an entire listing to find key decision-making details.

example of vacation rental feature ui

It looks like Fido can come … and we’ll be able to take a dip in the pool.  The ability to see these handy property asset icons is key for quick decision making and uninterrupted  guest flow through the reservation process. 

4. Customizations are limitless – yet simple.

Endless combinations of modules are available to highlight content specific to your properties.  Whether its links to local attractions and activities, featured properties you’d like to improve traffic on, a promotion you’d like to spotlight, or even your get-to-know-us About content — your website will serve as a thoughtfully planned resource for your target visitor.  

example of custom web module for montana home vacations

Montana Home Vacations puts modules to work delivering a variety of accessible information to browsing guests. From breath-taking imagery, to an impressive list of concierge services, the website works as the perfect storyteller for their vacation-seeking visitors.

5. Our websites drive results at the bottom line. 

In order to protect profit margins, it’s imperative to always be on the lookout for ways to enhance revenue.  Checkout upsells should be on your radar. They are one of our favorite tools, allowing multiple opportunities for additional revenue capture – in literally the click of a button.  It is a great way to offer guests experiences and creative amenities that they may not have thought of, such as a firewood bundle and s’more kit for the outdoor fire pit, or a relaxing in-home massage after a long day of adventuring.  There are endless possibilities available with this feature to round out the exceptional guest experience.

Capturing potential customers in an ever widening world-wide-web takes continual refinement, adjustment and creativity.  LiveRez loves the challenge of creating a custom product that does much of that work for you! We’d love to partner with you as  you navigate the vacation rental management path, providing the necessary building blocks for a differentiated website that functions at full potential, and provides the interactive business solution needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. 

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