They’ve Opened Your Email—Now What? Capture Viewers With These Email Marketing Tips

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Vacation Rental Software

Email Marketing Series, Part 2 

Once users open your email, you must encourage them to look through the email content. In part two of our email marketing series, we’ll review how to dress up the inside of your emails to make them mobile-friendly and engaging for viewers. (Read our first blog about email marketing best practices right here.) 

Use High-quality Photos and Designs

As we say in the vacation rental industry, good-quality photos and delightful designs evoke emotion and turn “lookers into bookers.” For guests, this means focusing on high-resolution images of bookable properties or your markets at the height of their season (sweeping winter vistas, for example). 

Fast Load Times Matter

Like with a website, your emails must load quickly, which can be tricky with high-resolution images. But the longer buffering takes, the more likely a customer will be to exit the email. Compress any images so that they fit in 500kb or less. This is especially 

Write Short, Engaging Copy

Next to the images in your email, your email content will do a lot of work to pull a viewer in, encouraging them to act. Here are a few tips for making your copy relevant and enticing. 

  • Use informative headlines. Your headlines should be short, catchy, and relevant to the overall purpose of the email.
  • Use friendly, brand-forward language. These emails reflect your overall brand, so use the same voice and tone guidelines as you would for any other marketing material. 
  • Avoid jargony language. Emails are not the place to use technical language, even when speaking with other industry professionals or homeowners. Keep your communication high-level and simple. 
  • Short is better. Focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity. Each section or blad of your email shouldn’t go over 100 words.
  • Stay consistent in font sizes across. This is as easy as saving your branded source code to input into new email templates. 

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