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Airbnb Management Software: Reach Millions of Guests Worldwide


From 87 to 1

When Airbnb started its vacation rentals division, it met with 87 different vacation rental software providers worldwide, and chose to pilot their integration with just one software in the United States. Check out this video to see Shaun Stewart, Airbnb’s Global Head of Vacation Rentals, explain why they chose LiveRez.


A Real-Time Connection to Airbnb

Choose from two different real-time connections: a full sync (syncs content, rates and availability), or a limited sync (rates and availability) that lets you manage your content on Airbnb. Your Airbnb bookings will flow right into LiveRez.

Already on Airbnb? Map directly to your existing listings to maintain your rankings and super host status. Our real-time, direct connection to Airbnb has you covered.


Low Cost, High Returns

It’s absolutely free to list your properties on Airbnb, with no integration fees whatsoever from LiveRez. You pay Airbnb only 3% to 5% per booking (depending on the cancellation policy you choose), with Airbnb absorbing all credit card processing costs.

With acquisitions costs as low as 3%, getting bookings on Airbnb is generally half as expensive as other listings sites, and sometimes even less expensive than direct bookings.


Built for Professional Managers

As Airbnb’s pilot partner, we worked with them to develop new policies for managers in traditional vacation rental markets. These policies include things like stricter cancellation policies and dedicated regional account managers. And, Airbnb’s new PLUS program is a great fit for many professional managers that already offer outstanding homes backed by a high level of service.

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