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The Property Care Tool Designed to Simplify Your Operations

Caring for properties isn't as simple as just cleaning your homes and keeping them maintained. You have to make sure it's done right and on time. You have to coordinate resources and juggle multiple deadlines. You have to deal with last-minute issues. Just one wrong move and you've got an upset guest or owner on your hands.

Being the ringleader of the circus isn't easy, but now you've got a secret weapon. Meet LiveManager, the housekeeping and maintenance tool designed to give you full control of your operations, no matter how complex they get.

Track the status of your vacation rental operation in real time
Kaycee Quinn - Vacation Rental Manager

LiveManager offers peace of mind to those of us who typically have to wonder if anything "fell through the cracks."

Kaycee Quinn
DoneRight Management and Vacation Rentals


100% Mobile Responsive and Cloud-Based

Running an ice cold operations team requires teamwork and real-time communications. But, it's not always easy to coordinate when you're away from the office and constantly moving. LiveManager allows you to log work, flag issues and track the progress of your operations from anywhere on any device.

Vacation Rental Work Order System for Housekeeping and Maintenance


Completely Integrated with LiveRez

LiveManager simplifies your operations by plugging into the other tools you're already using. From creating work orders from reservation events to sending expenses to accounting, LiveManager is fully tied into LiveRez's leading all-in-one solution.

Amy Grant - Vacation Rental Manager

Having a product that integrates with accounting, can seamlessly work with LiveRez and can create work orders based on our needs is amazing!

Amy Grant
Great Vacation Retreats

Work Orders integrated with LiveRez


See What's Getting Done as it Happens

Imagine if you could see what your team was doing in real time? Well, with LiveManager, you can.

LiveRez instantly tracks and time stamps every task your team is completing, so you can see your team complete work as soon as it happpens. You can head off issues early, and give your inspectors advance notification if a cleaning or maintenance job gets done ahead of schedule.

Real-Time Updates


Built for Teams of All Sizes

It doesn't matter how big your org chart is, LiveManager can accomodate every role on your team. From management and team leads to in-house employees and outside contractors, LiveManager allows you create unlimited users and control each of their access levels.

User Permission Levels


Automate Cleans and Work Orders

LiveManager saves you time by giving you the power to create cleans and work orders automatically or in bulk. Do you schedule your cleans for after departure or before arrival? Do you need to maintain a flexible schedule? Need to create hundreds of seasonal work orders at once? No problem. LiveManager's flexible automation rules and bulk creation capabilities have you covered.

Automate creation of work orders


You Build the Blueprint. We'll Build the Work Orders.

Templates are LiveManager's secret weapon. They allow you to create blueprints for all types of work orders, which then can be applied to multiple properties. You can create templates for just about any type of work order. They can be specific to a type of work, a set of homes, a set of workers, a time of year -- you name it. You can even easily clone them to get a head start on creating similar templates.

Work Order Templates


Group Your Properties for Easy Assignments

Have work orders that are specific to only a subset of your homes? No problem. With LiveManager's property groups, you can create as many different groups of properties as you want. Include one, some or all of your properties. And, put your properties in as many different groups as you like.

Property Groups


Lump Related Tasks into Reusable Groups

LiveManager gives you tons of different ways to assign tasks, from checklists and multiple choice questions to numeric fields and open-ended text fields. You can even group related tasks together into groups, so you can apply them in bulk to templates or ad hoc work orders.

Brian Olson - Vacation Rental Manager

LiveManager makes life easier!

Brian Olson
Beachcomber Vacation Homes

Work Order Task Groups


Make Scheduling Tasks a Breeze

Have a bunch of work orders created that you haven't scheduled yet? No problem. You can use our drop and drag calendar interface to quickly schedule work orders for just the right time. Filter down to just the work orders you need, grab them from the unscheduled work order bank and just drag them on to the availability calendar for the day and time you want.

Schedule work orders in calendar view


Bulk Update Work Orders

Need to update a lot of work orders at once? Team member called in sick? Switched cleaning companies? Changed a process? We got you covered. Just filter down to the work orders you need, select all or some of them, and click the update button. You can then update pretty much any field in bulk.

Bulk Edit


Save Costs Intelligently

Does the same task cost more to complete at different properties? Don't sweat it. You can enter costs per work order by property. Maybe just a few properties have different costs? We can handle that, too. Just bulk apply the cost and use a property exclusion for the ones you need to change. Of course, you can always set costs at the template if they're the same for all properties.

Saved costs


Store Important Property Details

Need to know where the heck the water shut off valve is? Does a owner have a specific way they want their lawn furniture arranged? Need to store serial numbers and warranty information for appliances? LiveManager's property details section is just what you need. Create custom fields for anything you can think of, categorize them, bulk apply values for properties that share traits, or enter them individually. You can even restrict certain fields from team members with different permission levels. Now, you'll never forget the WiFi password or the property's electricity provider again, because with LiveManager the answer will be in the palm of your hands.

Property Information


Flag Issues in Real Time

You never know what you're going to find when you walk into a vacation rental after a guest has left. You may just be there to clean the house or inspect it, and you notice the sink is broken. With LiveManager, flagging an issue is just a click (or touch) away. Click the blocker button and alert the home office so they can fix it ASAP or move the guest to a different property.

Work Order Blocker


If There's Not a Photo, It Didn't Happen

Need to document guest damage? Show proof you completed your work with before and after photos? Take a picture of a broken pipe so the plumber knows what the heck you're talking about?

Just pull out your smart phone and shoot away. You can then easily upload the photo(s) and attach them directly to the work order. Even selfies are allowed (but not recommended).

Work Order Photos


Add Time Stamped Notes

Need to note something in the work order? Just go to the notes section and add your comments. The system records the user that left it and the time they logged it, so if you have questions you'll know exactly who noted what and when.

Work Order Notes


Stay in the Know About What You Care About

You'll never miss a beat with LiveManager's in-app notifications and email reminders. In the preferences section, you can choose exactly what you want to know and opt in to get alerts. Those alerts will show directly in your app. If you miss them, no sweat. We can email you a digest of all the alerts you didn't check every three hours.

Work Order Notifications


Auto Creates Invoices

You've done the work. Now it's time to get paid for it. LiveManager automatically records the expenses associated with work orders. It even allows you to add a mark-up to these expenses. Once a work order is marked complete, it goes into the invoice queue, where you can approve one, some or all of the expenses. From there it's easy to send those expenses over to LiveTrust (LiveRez's trust accounting system) to be included on owner statements or used to pay vendors. Not using LiveTrust? No problem, you can easily export to Excel.

Auto invoice


Auto-Complete and Auto-Invoice Options

Are you one of those managers that just trusts their team to get stuff done? Or, maybe you just want to use LiveManager for accounting purposes? Then, you could save a lot of time with LiveManager's auto completion and auto invoicing rules. You can set work orders to automatically be marked as complete on the due date and/or even set work orders to automatically be invoiced once they are completed.

Work Order Automation


Powerful Filters and Saved Reports

When you log into LiveManager the first thing you'll see is a list of the open work orders assigned to you or your teams. However, these work orders can add up, and sometimes you just want to look at a specific group of them. Just use LiveManager's powerful filter settings to narrow down to just the work orders you want to see, and use the sorting options to order them the way you want. You can even save your most-used filter configurations to quickly bring up different types of work orders.

Work Order Filters


Export to Excel

Excel wizards rejoice! LiveManager recognizes your love of spreadsheets and makes it easy for you to quickly export work orders, expenses and more to Excel. Just set your filters and hit the Excel button. It's that easy.

Export to Excel


Works in Harmony with our Property Status Dashboard

While your cleaning and maintenance team may live in LiveManager, the other members of your company may congregate in the reservation system. But, it doesn't mean you can't communicate. From LiveRez's property status dashboard, they'll be able to see the real-time status of each of your properties, and even access smart home controls if you're leveraging our PointCentral integration. They can also create work order requests in seconds and then send them to your operations team, who can then either convert the request to a work order, decline it or come back to it later.

Smart Home Integration for Vacation Rental Software


Best-In-Class Training

While we designed LiveManager to be intuitive and easy to use, we also understand that good training can accelerate your success with the system. That's why we created a full certification program for LiveManager, with different learning paths for each user level. Not only will you learn the system faster and more thoroughly than ever, but your management team can track the progress of their employee's training. Did I mention you can earn badges and even get a shiny certificate when you pass the final test?


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