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Get Instant Snapshots of Your Performance

Our performance dashboard lets you instantly track key performance indicators, so you can make smart decisions based on data. Instantly look at metrics like booking revenue, reservation volume, average daily rates and more. Compare them quickly to past performance. And, get granular by looking at performance per property.

 Performance Dashboard, Year Over Year KPI Reporting - LiveRez Vacation Rental Software


Access the Data You Need Quickly

We've put together a whole library of pre-built reports on just about any aspect of your business you'd want to track, from sales and occupancy to guest lists and system audits. These reports are loaded with customizable filters and are available in multiple views (including exports to Excel). Have a set of filters you use on a regular basis? Save the configuration and instantly pull up the settings the next time you need to run the report.

Business Reports - LiveRez Vacation Rental Software


Follow the Money in Real Time

Our trust accounting solution offers a wide variety of financial reports that are highly customizable. These reports are always accurate to the second, because our trust accounting system interacts with our property management system in real time and moves funds between trust accounts automatically based on the rules you set.

Financial / Accounting Reports - LiveRez Vacation Rental Software


Build Custom Reports

NEW - Have a need to create highly customized reports that aren't already available in the system? LiveRez allows you to download your data in bulk, and then use a third-party business intelligence software, like Tableu, to create completely customized reports, identify trends and forecast future performance.

Custom Reporting - LiveRez Vacation Rental Software

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