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Manage properties, owner agreements and reservations faster and easier than ever. LiveRez's reservation system is simple to learn and intuitive, but gives you the flexibility to run your business in so many different ways. Keep detailed records and set flexible business rules for everything from bookings and rates to owner agreements and properties. And, use these intelligent rules to automate your mundane processes, so you can focus on offering an outstanding guest experience.

Vacation Rental Management Software


Book Homes Smarter

Your guests have questions. Our tape chart has answers. We empower reservationists to quickly answer any question a guest would have about a property and quickly match them with the perfect home thanks to our customizable advanced search options. Along the way, they can grab price calculations in seconds, instantly email guests bookable quotes, create holds and maintenance blocks, and book new and returning guests faster than ever.

Vacation Rental Software - Tape Chart


Maximize Your Revenue

Our pricing engine allows property managers to easily set up custom rates for all of their properties. Set rates by date range and season, by day of week, and by length of stay (in any combination). Manage rates at a global level, by location or by property. Set flexible rules for minimum stays and check-in and check-out days. Package fees into rates for all-inclusive pricing. And leverage a wide range of flexible rules for specials and coupon codes.

Vacation Rental Software - Rate Manager


Customize Your Solution

Over the years, we've learned that no two professional property managers run their business exactly the same. In response, we've worked with our partners to build a system that can accomodate just about any style of business. We give you the ability to customize a wide variety of business rules from all sorts of levels (global, by location, by property, etc.), so you can manage properties the way YOU want to.

Vacation Rental Software - Business Rules

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