White Paper

The Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rental SEO

According to Google’s Keyword Planner, every year the term “vacation rental” is searched more than a 1 million times. And as more and more consumers learn about the benefits of staying in a vacation rental property, this term will only grow in prominence.

In every market across the United States and abroad, travelers are searching for vacation rentals. Are you prepared to take advantage of this inbound demand in your area?

Because of this huge opportunity, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a key part of every vacation rental manager’s marketing plan. Done right, SEO can produce solid increases in qualified traffic and bookings, leading to increased revenue and increased profits.

In the following white paper, we’ll outline how you can set up and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy. Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:


Part 1: Understanding Search Engines

In this section, we’ll describe the basics of how search engines work and explain how you can use search engine optimization to improve how you rank for different search terms.


  • Discover the concept that catapulted Google to the No. 1 seach engine in the world and how you can use that concept to increase your rankings.
  • Find out why the rules of SEO are always changing, and how that can affect your performance.
  • Did you know that Google really isn’t searching the actual web? Find out what it’s really using to bring in its search results.

Part 2: Building a Foundation for Successful SEO

In this section, we’ll cover the basic fundamental elements you’ll need to have in place before you start a SEO campaign.


  • Find out if your website is even ready to rank.
  • Discover potentially the most important thing you need to implement to be successful (that many managers don’t even have set up).
  • Just starting a website? Don’t pick a domain name until you read this section.

Part 3: Forming a SEO Strategy

In this section, we’ll go over best practices for choosing keywords that are relevant and realistic, and will bring you the most qualified traffic for the least amount of work.


  • Discover why so many SEO campaigns fail before they even start.
  • Learn strategies to get traffic without going head-to-head with market leaders.
  • Find out how you can use a data-driven approach to estimate how much additional traffic you’ll get for ranking for a term.

Part 4: On-Site Optimization

In this section, we’ll outline all the different areas of your web pages that you’ll need to optimize to rank for your target keywords. We’ll also discuss how regular and strategic content creation can help you rank higher for more terms and bring in additional traffic.


  • Find out where you need to put your keywords to rank.
  • Discover why a leading SEO expert says your content needs to be 10x better than the competition.
  • Learn a data-driven strategy for building content that almost ensures back links and social shares and how one SEO guru uses this method to rank for incredibly competitive terms fast.

Part 5: Off-Site Optimization

In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of generating backlinks and social signals that tell Google that you have an authoritative website. You’ll learn different methods for building backlinks and social signals. Along the way, we’ll teach you how to do competitive backlink research, the best ways to reach out to other websites to build links, and some tips and tricks for promoting your content.


  • Find out how to avoid strict Google penalties that can kill your organic traffic overnight.
  • Discover both free and paid tools that enable you to uncover your competitors back links and reverse engineer their ranking strategies.
  • Learn tons of quick and actionable ways to build legitimate back links, many of which most managers have probably never heard of.

Part 6: Choosing a SEO Agency

In this section, we’ll go over what you need to look for in an SEO agency, should you decide to not handle your SEO efforts in house.


  • Find out why a basic understanding of SEO can help you pick the right agency to work with.
  • Learn the risks of choosing an agency that promises fast results but takes risks that can destroy your SEO efforts.
  • Did you know that LiveRez has a professional SEO/SEM service that’s only available to LiveRez partners? Learn more about how they can help you get more traffic and bookings.

Final Thoughts

In this section, we’ll wrap up the white paper and go over some resources to continue your education on SEO.


  • See a list of blogs we follow to learn more about SEO.
  • Have questions about anything in the white paper? Learn who you can contact at LiveRez for help with your SEO.