LiveManager: Turning Work Arounds into Work Orders

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Vacation Rental Software

LiveManager is our in-house operations management system that makes it easy to create and assign administrative tasks. The system utilizes a work order template to optimize field use and automate work orders for scheduling and accounting. LiveManager gives you the peace of mind that efficient processes will quickly turn issues into triumphs. Regardless of the size of your company, LiveManager has built-in flexibility to suit your unique business needs. 

Our set-up begins at the template level with fields for people, properties, tasks, and costs. The template allows you to create work orders and assign tasks tailored to your business needs. Contractors, employees, and partners can be assigned various designations – with each designation providing varying access levels. Access levels further determine which tasks are manageable by whom – for instance who can complete work orders, create property groups, add new hires, etc. Property information can quickly be retrieved through LiveManager’s property information tab and managers can easily aggregate data into different property groups.  

LiveManager provides an efficient means to a profitable end with its well-designed capabilities:

1. Update multiple work orders with one click. Head housekeeper call in sick on a Friday?  LiveManager has your back. Cut scheduling time in half by quickly applying changes to multiple work orders using Bulk Change.  

2. Stay informed on the status of your operations. Get that old spreadsheet out of here and use Saved Filters to query work orders with a single click.  Save as many views/dashboards as you want and toggle in real time between the data. Now, thanks to our team of Developers, you can save filters in Invoicing and Calendar views too! 

3. Bridge the gap between Operations and Guest Services. Bridge the gap between Operations and Guest Services by including important information in the Cleaning Notes section of your Transactions.  That info flows directly onto the work order, so no more texting your housekeeper last minute for those extra linens.

4. Quickly convert guest issues to work orders. Funnel internal communication through requests to easily convert issues to work orders.  

5. Simplify your on-the-fly maintenance. Quit making on-the-fly maintenance problems hard.  Create a Manual work order template for those general maintenance issues and create work orders in seconds!

Are you optimizing all areas of your LiveManager or could you use some guidance?  Not familiar with LiveRez systems and interested in a demo?  We’d love to hear from you!  Just follow the link for more information. 


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